Dr. Tong Tongkui, Chairman of Weihong Co., Ltd., was selected as a national “Ten Thousand People Program” Leader

A few days ago, the Office of the Central Human Resources Coordination Group officially announced the list of the country’s third batch of leading talents for the “Ten Thousand People Program”, and Dr. Tong Tongkui, Chairman of Weihong Co., was among them.
Announcement on the publication of the third batch of national talents for the “Ten Thousand People Program”
According to the “Notice on the Implementation of 2017 National” Thousand Talents Plan “and” Ten Thousand Persons Plan “Declaration and Recommendation Work”, the Central Talent Work Coordination Group made overall arrangements, and the Central Propaganda Department, the Ministry of Education, and the Ministry of Science and Technology organized experts to select from relevant talent plans Recommended 723 leading talents in technological innovation, 373 leading talents in technological entrepreneurship, 220 leading talents in philosophy and social sciences, and 197 teaching masters. Among them, leading talents in scientific and technological innovation and leading entrepreneurs in science and technology are selected from among those selected in the “Innovative Talents Promotion Plan”, and leading talents in philosophy and social sciences are selected from among those who are cultural masters and “four batches” of talent projects.
Office of the Central Human Resources Coordination Group
December 28, 2017
Someone may ask me, “The National Ten Thousand People Program, it sounds very good. What is it?”
About the National “Ten Thousand People Program”
The National High-level Talents Special Support Plan (hereinafter referred to as the “National Ten Thousand Talents Plan”) is a major talent project implemented at the national level. And young talents, give special support.
The national “ten thousand people plan” system consists of three levels. The first level is outstanding talents; the second level is leading talents, including scientific and technological innovation leading talents, scientific and technological entrepreneurial leading talents, philosophy and social sciences leading talents, and teaching masters; the third level is young top talents.

That’s right, Dr. Tang was selected as the national leader in science and technology entrepreneurship under the “Ten Thousand People Program”.

Tang Tongkui
The current chairman of Weihong Co., Ltd .;
graduated from Shanghai Jiaotong University with a doctorate in engineering;
has extensive electronics skills and rich product design experience; has systematically understood and developed various industrial control equipment and measuring instruments;
senior senior electronics Engineer;
Participated in the National Ninth Five-Year Plan: research and development of industrial fieldbus control systems, and achieved many results;
participated in the design and development of many “optical-mechanical” integrated electronic instruments.

Weihong shares its mission of revitalizing the nation at the beginning of its establishment. Dr. Tang believes that he should shoulder the due responsibilities of intellectuals and contribute to the revitalization and development of the national CNC industry!

This time Dr. Tang was selected as the national “Ten Thousand People Program” technology entrepreneurial talent, not only the recognition and affirmation of the doctor’s hard work and innovation, but also will continue to inspire Weihong Co., Ltd. in the field of industrial sports to not forget the original intention and forge ahead.

2018 is a new beginning. Weihong will help China Manufacturing 2025 with actual actions, “to achieve the transformation from Chinese manufacturing to Chinese creation, and China’s speed to Chinese quality.”