“Stone” Unstoppable Weihong Landed at Xiamen International Stone Fair

With the development of the construction and decoration industry, the demand for stone products of various categories and specifications has rapidly increased, which has greatly promoted the development of stone processing center equipment. In order to meet the market demand, Weihong Co., Ltd. launched a comprehensive solution for deep processing of stone.
From March 6th to 9th, 2019, Weihong Co., Ltd. will bring its deep stone processing solutions to the 19th China Xiamen International Stone Fair.
The comprehensive stone deep processing solution can be applied to the cutting of rock slabs, stone processing, multi-axis carving, and basin hole machines.
  Stone cutting solutions  
AB five-axis water cutting system

Widely used in the parquet industry to achieve bevel cutting on the cutting surface; using the absolute value of the bus, no need for origin and automatic correction of double Y to ensure high stability of the equipment; support various height measurement functions to effectively solve the problem of uneven surface of the workpiece; adopt advanced Technology model algorithm to achieve high-quality cutting of thicker stones.
5-axis bridge cutting system
Supports DXF files without CAM software; automatically recognizes the outer frame and inner hole to achieve overcutting or giving up the knife; when the cutting process is paused or interrupted, the saw blade can be tilted and retracted; the image analysis algorithm is used to realize the positioning of the board to remove the dead points And other auxiliary typesetting functions.
Diamond wire saw cutting system:
Weihong offers diamond wire saw cutting solutions from two to five axes. The system supports ISO standard G code and DXF files, and supports the wire saw diameter compensation function; supports the absolute value function of the bus, and returns to the exact position immediately after the power failure.
HOT: AC Five-Axis Water Cutting System for Slate Table Top
About the plan:
The system supports DXF files without CAM software, reducing programming difficulty and saving costs;
Support the setting of the angle and speed of different line segments on the same graphic, to achieve continuous cutting of line segments of different grooves;
Laser height measurement can effectively solve the problem of rock plate bending caused by contact measurement;
Optimal cutting strategy is adopted for adjacent line segments with different inclination angles in the graphics to ensure better cutting results.
Technical points:
Support disassembly software and CAD tool path to achieve different inclination cutting;
Automatic identification of inner holes and outer frames to achieve optimal motion cutting;
Supports different inclination and cutter compensation to ensure consistent machining accuracy;
Support layer side to set process parameters to improve processing efficiency.
Stone processing center:
Support bus absolute value and automatic tool change;
The system comes with a drawing function and the system comes with a processing wizard;
Support pot hole processing, support front and rear water-repellent processing, support contour processing, and support independent opening;
Support custom processing sequence and processing direction;
Supports seven cutting and grinding processes, each of which can set the processing speed and spindle speed;
Support grinding wheel compensation function;
Supports automatic generation of lead lines and manual setting of lead lines.
Multi-axis stone carving:
The system supports 3 to 10-axis stone carving; supports RTCP; supports bus absolute value and automatic tool change; supports high-speed and high-precision algorithms; supports automatic edge inspection function; supports processing wizard.
Stone CNC profiling:
The system supports 5-axis linkage; supports dwg format files; supports drawing functions; supports layered processing; supports profiled processing; supports bus absolute values.
Stone basin hole machine:
The system supports the grinding wheel compensation function; the absolute value of the bus, automatic tool change; dual-zone alternate machining; multi-task machining.
The system comes with layered processing and chamfering processing; supports automatic generation of lead-in lines and automatic loading and unloading.
The system supports wizard processing, such as circles, ellipses, rectangles, L rows, R shapes, Rec shapes; supports multiple processing technologies such as cutting, rough grinding, and precision grinding; supports internal and external cutting, supports Taichung basin technology processing; supports four axes Saw blade processing.
  System advantages  
Five-axis RTCP function:
For the five-axis waterjet head of any mechanism, the system adjusts the control points to ensure that the trajectory of the cutting point and the vector of the water jet move in a predetermined manner.
1.Support five-axis waterjet head with arbitrary structure;
2. Adjust the parameters of the space vector to compensate the mechanical error of the cutter head.
Altimetry function:
Expand the scope of water cutting applications, effectively solve the problem of uneven surface of various workpieces, and ensure good cutting results.
According to different needs, Weihong provides contact height measurement methods such as traditional contact height measurement, non-contact infrared height measurement, and contact real-time height measurement.
In addition to powerful software systems, Weihong can also provide stable and reliable hardware support hardware platforms
In order to better meet the needs of the stone industry, after full market research, through professional R & D design and high-intensity stress testing, Weihong can currently provide the best solutions for industry customers.
Weihong AC five-axis water cutting head:
Weihong AC five-axis head is a solution specially launched for the field of high-precision water cutting. Integrated on a three-axis platform, it can realize the plane processing and 3D processing of the workpiece, and it can be processed in one operation for higher efficiency.
Multi-pronged software and hardware
“Stone” is extraordinary
The processing effect is as follows

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