Intelligent integration, multi-purpose

Weizhi Lang drive integrated four-in-one servo driver (hereinafter referred to as Long drive integrated machine) integrates Ronda controller and driver, with better synchronization between multiple axes, compact structure, reduced wiring, stronger reliability and simpler operation To achieve the expected effect of reducing costs and increasing efficiency for users.

Stable and efficient

Bus: Resource Information Sharing


The high-speed bus technology is used internally to realize information sharing and greatly improve the reliability, stability and efficiency of the system.

Anti-interference: strong anti-interference ability

Rigorous EMC testing makes Longdrive all-in-one products stand out in complex electromagnetic environments.

Strong heat dissipation: clever structure design


Subvert the traditional multi-axis product structure horizontally, adopt the modular design of vertical version, strong heat dissipation capacity; detachable fan module design, easy maintenance.

Reliable hardware: strong hardware circuit design


Mitsubishi’s sixth-generation ultra-small power module is adopted; the current sampling module has a faster sampling rate, superior current loop control, and better performance; good heat dissipation ability; advanced three-proof technology, which makes the long drive integrated machine stable in harsh environments run.

Processor: good synchronization between multiple axes


The servo driver uses a single processor for calculation. All control loops of each axis are completely synchronized, and the synchronization between multiple axes is better.

Easy to use

Scalable: support for extended axes


MECHATROLINK expansion bus interface is suitable for multi-axis machine tool scenarios.

Easy installation: less wiring, more convenient


Through Lang drive integration, the wiring between the single-axis solution and the Ronda is eliminated, saving wiring costs; the servo input wiring is reduced by three-tenths, reducing wiring costs.

Small size: 50% reduction in volume


The size of the electrical cabinet is greatly reduced, saving limited space, which is half the volume of a normal 4 axis + controller; compared with similar products on the market, the overall size is greatly reduced.

Energy saving and low consumption

Energy saving: more energy-efficient products


The driver shares the DC bus, the motor feedback energy is reused, the system power efficiency is improved, and the product is more energy efficient.
Weizhilang drive integrated machine can be widely used in 3C manufacturing, woodworking manufacturing, metal engraving and milling, metal turning, laser cutting, water cutting and other industries. After that, I believe that it can help more automated manufacturing companies in more fields!