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 Tool wear is a very important part of the daily costs of the machine tool industry.
       If the service life of the tool is not accurately measured, it will cause waste of the tool life if it is not fully utilized, or the tool life has reached but is still working and the phenomenon of “broken tool” occurs during processing. Some CNC equipment on the market will have tool management functions, but this kind of single-machine-based tool management is only effective for some cases where “a tool is used to the end”. For those cases where tools are often expensive and need to be interchanged between different equipment, each time the tool is loaded with a new tool, it is difficult for such a single-machine-based tool management to track the full life cycle of each tool.
       There are naturally solutions to this problem. First of all, machining companies can go online with a tool management system based on two-dimensional code, RFID and other tracking, but the overall cost of such a system is high and it takes time to deploy. For SMEs, it obviously does not apply.
A “cheap and adequate” tool management system is undoubtedly needed by the public.
  New online  
A few days ago, “Weihongyun-Tool Management” was launched! Users can establish global tool tracking for the machine tools they care about. The tracking process currently uses manual entry. In the future, the code scanning capability can be gradually opened.
First, use the strategy
Take the web version as an example:
1. Log in to Weihongyun web version (, click on the left navigation bar Equipment Maintenance → Tool Management; or follow the Weiwei Cloud WeChat public account, click on the menu bar for more services → Tool management.
2. Click the Add Tool button, fill in the tool information, rated life, elapsed time, alarm advance, in-use equipment, etc., and successfully add the tool.
3. Check the usage of the added tool on this page. When the in-use equipment is in the running state, the running time will be automatically tracked by the cloud and accumulated to the cumulative consumption time of the corresponding tool.
4. The tool status can be switched between enabled, disabled, and discarded, and the in-use equipment can be re-selected each time it is enabled. If the tool is transferred from one device to another, it can be deactivated first, and then another device is selected when it is enabled. The original cumulative consumption time and set life are not affected. Click the operation bar view button to view tool information and flow log.

5. If the Weihong cloud account is bound to WeChat and the message reception is turned on during production monitoring, when the rated life-cumulative consumption <alarm advance amount, a WeChat alarm push will be sent; when the cumulative consumption> rated life, The background color of the corresponding column of the tool turns red
The “Weihong Cloud” WeChat version also provides the same functional operation interface, which is convenient for managers and operators to move to the office and enter at any time.
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