Dual-channel denture system and past and present by the chair

With the continuous improvement of living standards
The demand for dentures in the edentulous population is also increasing
A “useful and easy to use” full denture
Become a large-scale and wide-ranging social demand
However, traditional denture machines
From receipt of demand to processing
Takes too long
So, a quick fix for a dental chair
Turned out
So what is
What about a quick fix for a dental chair?
The dental chair restoration solution is very convenient and efficient, which is mainly reflected in intra-oral scanning, rapid design, and intra-day dental extraction.
Intraoral scan
High-resolution photos, fast imaging, bid farewell to the tediousness and discomfort of impressions, get natural tooth shape in 5-10 minutes
2. Quick design
Use digital software to quickly display the shape of the teeth in the computer to maximize the fit design, and patients can watch their teeth on the computer in real time
3. Tooth extraction on the day
After designing, use a dual-channel denture machine to quickly process, and then quickly crystallize and glazed.
Dental chair prosthesis solution than traditional denture machining solution
Save a lot of steps

To this end, Weihong has developed
Double-channel denture machine CNC system

Clear processing effect

In order to better meet the needs of the denture industry, after full market research, professional research and development design, and high-intensity stress testing, we can currently provide the optimal solution for customers in the denture industry.
With the Weihong denture machine CNC system, you do n’t have to worry about making dentures.