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On July 8-11, 2018, Weihong will bring the overall solution of the woodworking industry to the China Construction Expo. At the exhibition site, Weihong’s NC60A all-in-one machine control system, WSDA series driver, Weihong cloud group control system will make their debut!

Panel furniture application

  • In terms of panel furniture applications, Weihong system can provide:
  • Professional industry application software, providing flexible customized services
  • Functional modular design, more convenient to use
  • The unique dual-channel technology allows automatic labeling and material opening to be completed with a single key. It can provide continuous multi-tasking processing without stopping the machine, breaking the traditional operating mode and making the device more intelligent.
Aspect 1: NC60A integrated control system

Here we should focus on the newly introduced NC60A integrated machine control system of Weihong Co., Ltd., which can be used in panel furniture cutting machine tools and other fields.

  • New UI design, human-computer interaction is more friendly
  • Supports multiple processes, loading and unloading, and in-line tool change
  • Functional modular design, easy to use
  • Support spindle pre-start function to save processing time
  • Upgraded version of processing algorithm to ensure faster and more stable material opening
  • Support Weihong cloud service, grasp device status anytime, anywhere
  • Supports multi-axis multi-channel applications
  • Supports self-test and repair of data disks
  • Support network encryption registration
  • Spindle interface supports analog, pulse, M-II interface

Application of solid wood furniture

For solid wood furniture processing applications, Weihong system can provide professional CAM solutions according to process requirements, eliminating tedious process programming steps.

WISE Servo
WISE servo drive, covering servo motors with a power of 0.1kW ~ 3.0kW.

Aspect 2: WSDA Series Wisdom Driver

WSDA series Weizhi driver inherits the stable hardware characteristics of WSDV series Weizhi driver. It adopts a new generation of motor power modules to optimize PCB layout and layout. The product performance is further improved, the reliability is better, the connector type is optimized, which is more beneficial to the site. Plug and unplug the cables.

  • Optimized inertia estimation algorithm, load inertia estimation is faster and more accurate
  • Added some algorithms, such as the second-order torque filter and the motor cogging torque compensation algorithm. The motor noise is lower and the speed control is more stable.
  • Optimized circuit design, shorter dynamic braking distance (shorter moving distance after driver alarm)
  • Core device customization and overall quality improvement
  • Institutional, three-proof process upgrades, more resistant to harsh environments
  • With Weihong bus control system, no external brake signal required
  • Support double encryption of driver hardware and control system, fully protect the rights and interests of machinery manufacturers
  • MII communication interface changed from USB port to the currently more commonly used high-speed industrial bus interface RJ45, the communication is more stable and reliable, and it provides conditions for compatibility with other buses in the future

Weihong Cloud Industrial IoT Solution
Weihong’s main control system has been upgraded with networking functions! Link “Weihong Cloud” through the main control system.

Aspect 3: Weihong Cloud Group Control System

Weihong Cloud Industrial Internet of Things solution currently includes 3 components: Weihong Cloud Assistant, Weihong Cloud Service and Weihong Cloud Group Control System. Following the successful release of the public cloud solution Weihong Cloud Service, this time a new private cloud solution was newly released: Weihong Cloud Group Control System.
Weihong Cloud Group Control System can collect machining information of CNC equipment in a comprehensive and real-time manner, centrally manage program files, and batch operation task distribution and equipment start-stop. It is a collection of data collection, real-time monitoring, fault early warning, and operational analysis. Integrated “Smart Factory” basic management platform that supports multi-role mobile office. Weihong can provide users with further customized upgrade services, or support users’ MES construction projects.


The 20th China (Guangzhou) Construction Fair
, July 8th-July 11th, 2018
Canton Fair Hall  No .: Hall 10.1-11 Hall
Gangdong Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou City,
July 8: 08 : 30-18: 00
July 9-10: 09: 00-18: 00
July 11: 08: 30-16: 00


Weihong system login in India
Exhibition Name: AMTEX
Time : July 6-9
Venue: New Delhi Convention and Exhibition Center , India
Booth No .: hall 10 B25


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