What’s the ranking of your machine? Weihong cloud statistical analysis function tells you

Ding ~ Your equipment OEE efficiency beats 99% of similar equipment ~

Weihong Cloud’s new statistical analysis function is available. Can you compare your machine tools with similar devices on the entire network in the case of networking , and find that your OEE efficiency has been defeated? % Of similar equipment.
“Weihong Cloud Industrial Internet of Things connection solution provides a wealth of data interfaces for third-party systems. Whether from the assistant on the device side, or from group control and cloud services, it has the ability to provide external data. Users can Use any suitable production information construction plan for your own needs. “
What is the statistical analysis function?
 The statistical analysis function is part of the monitoring function of Weihong Cloud Service Equipment.
 The statistical analysis function is based on a comprehensive and real-time collection of information such as the machining progress, operating conditions, message alarms, tool and wearing parts of CNC equipment, and other statistical analysis of equipment utilization and efficiency (OEE).
Single machine statistics function: For
all users, it can analyze the statistics of single machine utilization, OEE and industry benchmarks, and can view the

machine cluster statistics by day, week, and month :
for all users, it can analyze and statistics the average of all machine tools that the user cares Utilization rate, OEE, and industry benchmarking, you can view

product statistics by day, week, and month : For
equipment vendors, you can analyze statistics of various indicators and industry benchmarking of products produced by this equipment vendor.

How to get statistical analysis function
01. Register for a free account
Log in to nccloud.weihong.com.cn or follow Weiwei on WeChat to register for a free Weihong account.
02. Easily add devices
Click the WeChat “Weihong Cloud” production monitoring menu to enter the page and select “Add Device”, or click the web version of “Weihong Cloud” All Equipment menu to enter the page and select “Add Device”
03. Free trial
Select the parameters of interest, configure the usage habits, log in to Weihong Cloud Service Web Edition:
(nccloud.weihong.com.cn) Enter “Statistical Analysis”, click “Apply for Trial Statistics Service” in the upper right corner, and you can achieve Equipment monitoring, using statistical analysis functions.
The use of statistical analysis functions can provide a scientific basis for lean production and equipment maintenance in the workshop, can provide basic clues for equipment manufacturers to optimize their own products, understand customer groups, and can also establish basic data for further enterprise resource planning.