Application of Weizhi Absolute Servo System in 3C Industry

Nowadays, under the general trend of the integration and development of communication, computer, network and other electronic information technologies, the trend of integration and innovation and development of China’s consumer electronics industry is becoming increasingly apparent. Communication products, computer products, and consumer electronics products are converging to 3C from their respective technical perspectives, which has promoted the prosperity of the 3C industry. In response, the related upstream and downstream industries have also grown.
In the 3C glass processing industry, corresponding solutions have been proposed for various types of glass processing Weihong shares.
1.Glass Double Head Carving Machine / Glass Curved Carving Machine
Suitable for touch screen glass processing and curved glass processing
2.Glass processing center
Suitable for large-scale glass processing fields such as electronics industry and decoration industry
3. OGS fine carving machine
Suitable for OGS touch screen glass processing field
At the same time, in order to give full play to the advantages of the industry and make customers more profitable on the basis of meeting the diverse needs of customers, Weihong Co., Ltd. is now promoting the complete set of glass carving machine control solutions-NC65C + Weizhi servo (absolute).
This solution realizes the absolute positioning control of the machine tool, and has been widely used in the field of mobile phone cover glass and protective sheet glass processing.
The program’s main accessories include:
①NC65 series host 
② Lambda5E (support absolute value) / Lambda5S (support non-absolute value)
③ 2 sets of 400W (with brake, motor model: MA060-DA1013F-F2B1D00 (with keyway)
④ 2 sets of 750W (without brake, motor model: MA080-DA1024F-F0B1D00 (with keyway) 
Wisdom Absolute Servo System
In view of the characteristics of glass edging and metal highlights in the 3C industry, Wisdom servo drives have selected ODM motors from well-known manufacturers to ensure the low-speed stability of the motors and make workpiece corner grinding smoother.
In addition, the Absolute Value function is also added to the Wisdom driver that originally had strong overload capability, accurate positioning and fast response.
Absolute servo function
1. Absolute value servo system is used to eliminate the origin / limit switch and reduce the failure rate of the machine;
2. One-click read position recorded by motor encoder, reducing preparation time before processing;
3.Using unique hardware encryption technology, double encryption of the control system and Weizhi servo, effectively improve the success rate of the machine manufacturer’s account recovery
4. The system and servo are packaged and sold, and the cost performance is higher than the same industry!
As another extended application of Weihong Co., Ltd. in the motion control industry chain, Weizhi servo drives adhere to the attitude of excellence, follow the high standards of motion control performance in the industrial control market, and meet equipment developers and system integration The desire for precise positioning control and the continuous expansion of new functions have not only achieved excellent processing results in the 3C industry, but also played a good processing effect in other industries such as woodworking and metal industries.