520 confession season 丨 high-end intelligent CNC expert NK530

I love you, not just in words
I love you, not only because of your appearance,
but also because of your rich connotation,
I love you deeply , not only because of what you can do for me, but
also because of you What can be done
High-end intelligent, CNC expert
loves you

In a few days
went to the annual
520 Day confession
through this day,
I want to NK530
confessionmay be that we are too familiar
Weihong CNC system
there are some things we are keeping everything for too long,
I have forgotten how to say it!
↓↓↓↓↓about NK530

NK530 integrated CNC system is designed for high-end machine tools, with powerful computing and graphics processing capabilities.

NK530 performance characteristics

NK530 specifications

NK530 opening

Application area

Metal industry

Weihong system has excellent applications in metal molds, glasses engraving, denture machines and other industries, providing customers with customized and personalized motion control solutions.

Weihong system covers two series of integrated machine and control card. The leading motion control algorithm can greatly meet the diverse and complex processing requirements of customers and achieve high-speed and high-precision excellent processing results.

  • High-speed high-precision controller, high-speed trapezoidal algorithm, instruction speed smoothing algorithm;
  • Advanced drive system, powerful automatic optimization and automatic resonance suppression functions;
  • High-speed spindle positioning, 24000rpm direct positioning;
  • High-speed 5000rpm rigid tapping;
  • The spindle is accelerated at 24000rpm for 1.7s and decelerated for 1.5s.

That ’s it for today. Have you fallen in love with NK530?

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