What can we do in the face of the US 25% tariff?

A few days ago, the Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) issued a government bulletin to levy punitive tariffs on US $ 200 billion in Chinese goods. From “trade friction” to “trade war”, the wording changes make people feel the changes in the situation. The variables on the other side of the Pacific Ocean are opening up a door of history, full of challenges and hidden opportunities!


Will CNC machine tools become the cannon fodder of the trade war?
The target of the U.S. tariff increase on China is the “3rd round” of the “301” survey in September 2018, which started to raise punitive tariffs on US $ 200 billion in goods to 25%.


The first and second rounds of US $ 50 billion in tariffs levied in July-August 2018 included products related to the “Made in China 2025” strategic plan. Key domestic industries such as industrial robots, CNC machine tools, new energy vehicles, electrical equipment, steel, non-ferrous metals, and chemicals have become the main targets for US tax increases. As the basic industry of manufacturing, CNC machine tools are still very weak in China. Especially in the field of CNC systems, it is difficult to compete with developed countries such as Germany and Japan. Therefore, in the machine tool industry’s independence, it is not only necessary to get rid of dependence on foreign markets, but also to improve the mastery of core technologies including CNC systems.

As the only private CNC company listed on the A-share market, Weihong Co., Ltd. specializes in R & D, sales and service of CNC systems, and can quickly provide customers with personalized solutions. At present, Weihong CNC products cover everything from servo drives, CNC systems, process software to accessories.

Made in China urgently needs “wolf breeding plan”

Regarding the localization rate of CNC machine tools, according to the data from the Survey and Research Institute, by 2017, the localization rate of mid-range and low-end CNC machine tools will reach 80%, the localization rate of mid-range CNC machine tools will be 60%, and the localization rate of high-end CNC machine tools will only be 6 %about. This means that in the high-end field, CNC machine tools in downstream industries have a high degree of external dependence.
As the Sino-U.S. Trade war continues to escalate, technical cooperation between domestic companies and American robotics companies will be severely affected, but at the same time it will create conditions for the increase in the domestic market share of high-end domestic CNC machine tools, which will benefit the development of the industry. On the other hand, the high technical requirements of CNC machine tools in downstream industries have also promoted the “wolf breeding plan” of CNC machine tools.

While insisting on constantly improving its own products and services, Weihong shares its mission at all times and contributes to the revitalization and development of National CNC! At present, Weihong system is widely used in many industries such as machining centers, laser processing, water jet processing, milling machines, mold manufacturing, advertising production, mechanical processing, glass stone processing and other industries.

The way forward for domestic CNC

Although domestic CNC machine tools have escaped this Sino-US trade war, the development of enterprises needs a sense of worry. For example, Huawei included Huawei in the “Entity List” for the US Department of Commerce’s Industry and Security Administration (BIS). In the early morning of May 17, He Tingbo, president of Huawei’s chip company Hisilicon Semiconductor, issued an internal letter to employees stating that Huawei The assumption of extreme survival has been made many years ago. It is expected that one day, all advanced chips and technologies in the United States will not be available, and Huawei will continue to serve customers. This is worth learning for many domestic CNC companies.
Weihong insists on innovation as the driving force for development. At present, it owns complete intellectual property rights in the technology chain, 44 computer software copyright registrations; 107 patents, including 63 invention patents, 19 utility model patents, and design patents 25 items authorized. With a perfect R & D system, Weihong can guarantee the rapid realization of product differentiation from the underlying technology.

To do a good job in talent development and technological innovation, Weihong has been keeping abreast of the industry’s cutting-edge technology development, doing basic technology research, keeping abreast of market needs, and constantly developing new functions and products.

In the future, in addition to CNC system products as the core, Weihong shares will improve product quality, rely on independent innovation, improve the core competitiveness of products and companies, promote the development and improvement of various series of products, and expand the breadth and depth of application fields. The application of the new generation of artificial intelligence technology and CNC machine tools is willing to work with colleagues in the market to contribute to the development of domestic CNC!
This road may be tortuous and difficult, but at the same time it is invigorating and vigorous, forging ahead for the independence and freedom of the intelligent equipment industry! !! !!