Weihong six-sided drilling system: intelligent production, professional quality!

Intelligent production, professional quality
Weihong six-sided drilling system
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Six-sided drilling system is very popular
About Six Faced Drill:
CNC five-sided drill and six-sided drill are mainly used to solve the hole position process in the production of panel furniture, and both need to scan the label and punch. The five-face drill is a piece of machine that is clamped once. The front hole and four side holes of the board are directly punched. The remaining back holes need to be manually turned. Six-sided drilling means that the machine clamps the workpiece once, and can complete the machining of all the positions of the front and back of the workpiece and the four side holes at one time.
In order to meet the production needs of equipment manufacturers in the home market, Weihong’s products have been continuously iteratively upgraded, and the six-sided drilling system has been introduced after the five-sided drilling system.
▲ Weihong six-sided drilling system
Then Weihong six-sided drilling system
What are their specialties?
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Built-in CAD drawing function
Convenient and quick, save time and effort
1. Quickly draw the panels needed in the production process of panel furniture. Including: front and back vertical holes, horizontal holes, front and back slots, various cutting angle operation and other abnormal plates.
2. The drawn graphics can be exported for quick retrieval in the next production.
CAD drawing
Create vertical holes:
Create chamfers:
CAM is powerful
Achieving efficient and safe production
1. Parsing of multiple file formats, including XML, BAN, and MPR, to achieve safe production, plan tool paths, and automatically avoid jaw drills.
2. Support generation of G-code processing files, six-sided drilling tool path generation.
3. Efficient production of optimal clamping position at one time, and multiple clamping during processing.
4. Code scanning automatic processing, according to the sequence of code scanning, a processing task list is generated, which can clearly show the processing status of each plate of the machine tool.
5. Intelligent processing list function, effective management of the parts that need to be produced.
Row drilling editing is more convenient
Custom settings for easier use
1. Optimize the row drilling editing interface, and you can add row drilling or spindle. Increase mouse operation for easier use.
Weihong six-sided drilling system
Built for customization
Coming for flexible production
Dramatically reduce labor costs
Reduce error rate
Increase productivity
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