Weihong shares actively expand overseas markets

In the context of globalization today, there are ideal Chinese companies that are implementing strategic layouts to participate in global market competition in different ways.

Weihong Co., Ltd. is a mid-to-high-end domestic CNC system supplier. It not only focuses on the R & D, sales, and service of motion control systems, has obtained a number of independent intellectual property rights in industrial automation technology, and has mastered LEP speed planning algorithms And many core technologies such as the algorithm for removing dead pixels, self-tuning mechanical resonance suppression algorithms, and high-speed simulation technology in processing toolpath files, provide personalized solutions for domestic customers, and also actively develop overseas customers. Related products have gradually gained foreign customers. Attention and favor.

At present, Weihong takes Shanghai as the national marketing center, and has established marketing service outlets throughout the country’s major provinces and cities. At the same time, it has also incorporated overseas markets into the company’s important strategic position. Our company has cooperated closely with manufacturers in the United Kingdom, France, the United States, Vietnam, Russia, Peru and Dubai.

In particular, with the important process of our company’s listing, further strengthening cooperation and exchanges with overseas manufacturers and increasing its influence in the international market have also become new opportunities for our development. Based on deep thinking on the development of industries in various regions, combined with the company’s positioning, a series of long-term development strategies have been formulated. Overseas industry shows are of course essential.

Participating in overseas exhibitions

will be held on July 8. The 2016 Indian International Machine Tool Exhibition AMTEX will be held at the New Delhi International Exhibition Center. As one of the largest and most influential machine tool exhibitions in Asia, Weihong Demonstrate solutions for various application industries.

Industry solutions tailored to local conditions

At present, Weihong motion control systems have been widely used in glass stone processing, panel furniture cutting, solid wood carving, mold manufacturing, denture processing, glasses and various tool accessories processing, sharpener upper and lower pieces, metal highlights, 3C glass Carving machine and loading and unloading, laser processing, water jet processing, injection molding machine picking, lathe cutting, ceramic handling and many other industries.

In order to better meet the needs of the local market industry development, listen to customer needs and respond quickly, Weihong shares, after careful investigation of the actual development of the local industry, combined with the characteristics of our products, put forward solutions suitable for the development of the localized industry, including laser cutting , Water cutting, metal industry, woodworking industry, drive and many other industries.

At the same time, through the opportunity of the exhibition, exchanges and communication with Chinese and foreign merchants who come to the exhibition will further expand our company’s popularity and influence in the world, and further understand the advanced product characteristics of peers in order to better improve their product structure Give play to your own advantages.

Where there is motion control, there are products of Weihong Company. I

believe that this trip to Weihong’s India trip will continue to consolidate our existing market in South Asia. Taking exhibitions as a stepping stone will also let more overseas customers know me. Products, familiar with Weihong brand, promote Weihong shares to build a new blueprint for the development of the international market, early realization of the company’s vision of Weihong products where there is motion control.