Weihong intelligent laser cutting head gives you a better cutting experience!

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Weihong intelligent laser cutting head

I. Economic Practical

 (adaptive power ≤3300W)

Imported lead screw: Imported 5mm lead screw, fast focusing speed, low lead screw wear.
Triple protection: collimation protection, dual focus protection, reducing the possibility of key lens contamination during lens exchange.
Closed-loop focusing: The encoder is closed-loop to ensure stable focus.

Select this more practical

SL-020M for
 auto focus adjustment within 3300W (adaptive power ≤2200W)

Concise and exquisite: The scale is focused, and the appearance is simple and exquisite.
Flexible configuration: Flexible selection of protective glasses and water-cooled modules according to different needs.
Stable and reliable: Adopt mature module structure, stable performance.
The right one is better,
manual focus cutting within 2200W, please look for the second, professional tube cutting type

For the current hot tube cutting market, we are equipped with almost all types of tube cutting options for everyone, from manual to automatic, from automatic to robotic three-dimensional cutting, to meet the customer’s diverse choices. Single layer and composite nozzles can be flexibly switched, and carbon steel and stainless steel can be cut.

 (adaptive power ≤2200W) cutting square tube site <SL-020M-T video>

SL-030A-T(adaptive power ≤3300W) cutting angle steel site SL-010M-T (adaptive power ≤1000W ) Say the important thing at the cutting pipe site three times. Capacitor is stable! Capacitor is stable! Capacitor is stable! You can judge the follow-up stability of the pipe cutting head by blowing air under the follow-up state: pipe binding, overshootstability: stable cutting

Observe whether the Z-axis coupling shakes in the following state

: capacitance drift (left)
stability: capacitance stability (right)

III. Technology intelligent

SL- 060A (adaptive power ≤ 6000W)
can monitor the temperature of each lens of the cutting head Dew condensation on the lens, the parameters are displayed intuitively. Or you can use the cutting head special condition monitoring software on the computer.

Detection software

is the best fit of
focus for the 3300W power manually within
Weihong provide ↓↓↓↓

SL-030m (adapted power ≤3300W)
focus digital display, overall new design, the appearance of generosity and strong sense of technology.

Fourth, more models

through the interaction of software and hardware fusion
Weihong intelligent laser cutting head to enhance the level of smart laser cutting experience

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