Valentine’s Day starts 丨 A heartbeat for you

The best season is
just to meet you. The
arrow of Cupid shuttles in the romance of the year to
create a shining love.
Someone shouted
that every day after meeting you is the best season.


Weihong Co., Ltd.
officially started construction today. The

world has a great
chance to meet.
Rong I will give you a
“high profile”high profile.

First, dignified and generous lovers: the overall solution for the woodworking industry
Weihong woodworking engraving machine control system supports motion control solutions from 1 to 10 axes, advanced speed processing algorithms, adaptive look-ahead algorithms, trajectory preprocessing algorithms, LEP speed planning algorithms and other advanced technical algorithms to make machine tool motion more Faster and smoother. During processing, the system can provide professional CAM solutions according to process requirements, eliminating tedious process programming steps.
Second, passionate lovers: laser cutting industry solutions
NcEditor V12 laser cutting control system supports multiple file formats and complete cutting process functions; supports multiple sorting strategies, integrates nesting modules to improve comprehensive cutting efficiency; tube cutting supports iges file import, two-dimensional editing, three-dimensional display, and simple operation; Servo control module, higher responsiveness; optimized motion control algorithm to further improve cutting accuracy.
Third, the noble cold and gorgeous lovers: metal carving and milling industry solutions
Weihong system has excellent applications in precision engraving machines, CNC milling machines, drilling and tapping machines, etc., and provides customers with customized and personalized motion control solutions.
Fourth, smart and considerate lovers: 3C industry solutions
Weihong control system has multi-axis, multi-channel and other platform solutions, and has a high market share in the computer, communications, and consumer electronics industries. Weihong shares the industry’s process requirements, the system has powerful tool management and compensation functions, foolproof man-machine operation interface, mature loading and unloading manipulator system solution, control accuracy can reach μ level.
V. Outer soft inner rigid lovers: water cutting industry solutions
Weihong water cutting control system covers a full range of motion control solutions from two-axis to five-axis. The five-axis water cutting system can achieve dynamic five-axis cutting and solve process problems such as taper and tailing of high-pressure water jets. It is a domestic Application of an earlier and very mature water cutting control system.
Six, easy-going and competent lovers: WISE servo driver
In response to the current high performance requirements of the industrial control market for motion control, and to meet the needs of equipment developers and system integrators for precise positioning control, Weihong has introduced WISE servo drives. WISE servo driver covers 0.1kW-3.0kW servo motor, which can realize precise position control, speed control and torque control.
Seven, generous and sweet lovers: solutions for the metal turning industry
Weihong lathe control system is applied in the fields of precision inclined lathe, precision lathe, lathe-milling compound, and centering machine.
The metal turning industry provides standard lathe, turning and milling compound, multi-channel turning and milling control systems. Supports axis-controlled servo turret, faster and more stable; supports online configuration of servo parameters.
Eight, the family has a lover: Wei Hongyun Industrial Internet of Things
Weihong system has fully integrated Weihong cloud industrial IoT solution. Weihong CNC system manages the internal components such as drives and auxiliary equipment, and provides a variety of data interfaces to the outside. The “Weihong Cloud” service is more plug-and-play. Data-driven production helps the company’s intelligent upgrade!

After I met, I
realized that
everything is the best arrangement.

I wish you all a happy Valentine’s Day and
be able to spend time with your loved ones!
If you have any of the above “objects”,
please contact