The birth of Shengshihua 丨 CNC system parade


Neat steps
with a
bright slogan and a refreshing heroic attitude

Jiayu is on his body and shoulders the responsibility of
their existence.
Our tranquility has another “parade”
on this important day

Intelligentization of high-end machine tools is the national strategic development goal of “Made in China 2025”. CNC machine tools are called “industrial master machines”, and their technical level represents the national industrial level, the cornerstone of the national defense industry, and has a bearing on the national economy and people’s livelihood. The CNC system is the “brain” of the machine tool. It is the key factor that determines its function, performance, cost and price. It is also the bottleneck restricting the development of China’s CNC industry.


As a well-known brand of private CNC system, Weihong
insists on continuous innovation and continuous exploration
to contribute to the revitalization and development of national CNC.

Woodworking industry square

Weihong CNC system, known for its professionalism and versatility, has been fully recognized in the field of woodworking, and is widely used in many fields such as panel furniture, solid wood furniture, Buddha statues, and crafts.

Weihong woodworking engraving machine control system supports motion control solutions from 1 to 10 axes, advanced speed processing algorithms, adaptive look-ahead algorithms, trajectory preprocessing algorithms, LEP speed planning algorithms and other advanced technical algorithms to make machine tool motion more Faster and smoother. During processing, the system can provide professional CAM solutions according to process requirements, eliminating tedious process programming steps.

——The sharp blade comes out of the sheath

Laser cutting industry square matrix

Weihong can provide laser cutting equipment manufacturers with intelligent and efficient complete solutions including control systems, full series of laser cutting heads, smart handles, servo drives, etc.
In recent years, Weihong has developed laser plane cutting software, laser bus pipe cutting control system, high-power customized control system, etc., because of its excellent performance and reasonable price, it has been increasingly used by equipment manufacturers.
——Thunder Thunder
Metal carving and milling industry
Weihong has rich application experience in precision engraving machines, CNC milling machines, drilling and tapping machines, etc., and can provide tailor-made personalized solutions for equipment manufacturers.
The processing efficiency and precision of Weihong drilling and tapping system are at the leading level in the country. It solves a series of key technologies such as feedforward technology of Z axis, precise control of Z axis and spindle movement position during the tapping process of domestic drilling and tapping system.
—— “dimensional” is not broken
Turning industry square matrix
Weihong lathe control system is applied in the fields of precision inclined lathe, precision lathe, lathe-milling compound, and centering machine.
The turning industry provides standard lathes, turning-milling complexes, and multi-channel turning-milling control systems. Supports axis-controlled servo turret, faster and more stable; supports online configuration of servo parameters.
——Sword in Time
3C Industry Matrix
In the field of mobile phone lens processing and key processing, Weihong’s multi-axis and multi-channel products integrate years of control technology experience and industry process demand accumulation, with powerful tool management and compensation solutions, mature multi-channel robot loading and unloading solutions, and current Weihong systems. The system successfully put into operation on the market supports five channels and sixteen axes.
Weihong system has been widely used in computer, communication and consumer electronics products, and the control accuracy can reach μ level.
——Keep improving
Water cutting industry square matrix
Weihong water cutting control system covers a full range of motion control solutions from two axes to five axes and multiple cutter heads. The five axis water cutting system is the earliest and most mature water cutting control system in China.
For standard and special-shaped glass cutting, Weihong introduced glass cutting control system. The system integrates various types of optimized nesting functions dedicated to glass processing and is widely used in the flat glass cutting industry.
——Rou Kegang
WISE ( Wei-Zhi) servo drives phalanx
WISE servo driver, covering 0.1kW-3.0kW servo motor, can realize precise position control, speed control and torque control.
Currently widely used in the market are Weizhi WSDA series bus servo driver, Weizhi linear servo driver, and Longdrive multi-axis servo driver. We will soon launch Weizhi spindle servo driver!
-Driven by Dazhi
Weihong Cloud Industrial IoT Square Matrix
Weihong Industrial Internet of Things solution can provide one-stop industry solutions for smart factories to equipment user companies, and provide remote service platforms for equipment manufacturers and leasers. It is mainly composed of NcCloud Weihongyun Industrial Internet Platform, xFactory Intelligent Factory System, and NcGateway Data Gateway.
Weihong system has fully integrated Weihong Cloud Industrial Internet of Things solution, internally manages components such as drives and auxiliary equipment, and can provide a variety of data interfaces to the outside. Data-driven production helps the company’s intelligent upgrade!
——A thousand miles away
The past has gone, and the future is coming
to celebrate with the motherland, and to bring glory to the motherland, there is
innovation and never stop!