Optical Expo 丨 Why is Weihong laser cutting so strong? intelligent! Efficient! Convenient!

From March 14th to 16th, the laser cutting event Munich Shanghai Expo will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center .


Weihong shares  high-quality laser cutting industry overall solutions at  booth W2-2478 .
  Laser cutting industry as a whole solution case  

(I) Hardware platform
Weihong laser cutting bus type system greatly simplifies the wiring method of the pulse type system. The entire system is very simple to connect, which greatly saves the cost and time of wiring, thereby reducing the cost and maintenance difficulty and improving reliability. And flexibility.

At this exhibition, Weihong will present the intelligent, convenient and efficient new product Weihong intelligent laser cutting head. Weihong intelligent laser cutting head is specially designed for users of the laser cutting industry. It can be widely used in metal cutting and processing industries such as metal sheet and tube cutting, knife template processing, and craft making.

(2) Servo system

Follower II: The speed loop control, easier operation and higher response speed, enhance the performance of similar products in the industry up more than 50%; supported metal, nonmetal calibration, alarm strike plate, the safety control performance edge detection; actual The test slope is about 10 degrees, and the following height is 0.3mm, and the speed is 80m / min without hitting the board.

(3) Software advantages
Weihong laser cutting system has excellent motion control algorithms, professional cutting process processing functions, a stable and reliable motion control platform, and provides customers with a complete set of laser processing solutions.

Widely used in sheet metal, advertising production, household (kitchenware, bathroom, lighting), display cabinets and office furniture, hardware tools, construction machinery, ships and aerospace, auto parts, 3C electronics and other industries. 

  WISE (Wisdom) servo drives are of  

course standard drives for various motion control occasions , especially Wisdom bus servo drives.