Optical Expo 丨 Weihong Laser Cutting Power Upgraded to Show “China Smart Manufacturing”

In 2019, the topics of the two sessions continued to ferment, and the wisdom of intellectual manufacturing continued to rise. Weihong shares continuous technological and management innovations and continuously optimizes product performance for laser cutting control systems.
At the Shanghai Optical Expo in Munich in 2019, Weihong’s overall laser cutting solutions mainly showcased bus plate cutting systems, bus pipe cutting systems, servo 3.0 systems, Weihong intelligent laser cutting heads, Weizhi servo drives, and Weihong Industrial Internet of Things.
  High-precision laser bus plate cutting system  
▼ LS3000 / LS3000M ▼
>>>  Support Mechatrolink, EtherCAT bus
>>>  Stronger synchronicity of control commands between axes, flexible axis expansion
>>>  Industrial Ethernet technology transmission, simple linear topology structure, strong system processing capacity
>>>  Optimized sorting: support C-word co-edge, grid sorting and other strategies, short idle distance, excellent path, save material
>>>  Multi-Language Pack: You can add the required language configuration, such as Korean, Russian, Japanese, etc., to meet the overseas needs of machine exports
Weihong laser bus board cutting system is launched
Received a good evaluation from the majority of equipment manufacturers
At the same time, the market also cuts the laser tube bus system.
Customizable requirements
  Efficient laser bus pipe cutting system  

▼ TU3000M ▼
>>>  New CNC platform based on plug-in architecture
>>>  With strong secondary development capabilities
>>>  short development cycle, easy for field debugging
>>>  Quick iteration and low maintenance cost
>>>  Support round tube, square tube, oval tube, waist tube, etc.
>>>  Can support angle steel and channel steel cutting
>>>  Support the mainstream laser communication in the market
Based on phoenix platform
Weihong bus pipe cutting system
TU3000M new platform gives you a new experience
at the same time
Follow-up system upgrade
  Follower 3.0 system  

>>>  Using speed loop control, short arrival time, stable following and fast response
>>>  Anti-collision function, effectively solve the impact of the warped plate on cutting in the air
>>>  Support safety control performance such as bumper alarm, edge detection
In addition to intelligent and efficient software systems
Laser cutting head, handle
Servo driver and other hardware support
Weihong is also one by one
  Weihong Intelligent Laser Cutting Head  
▼ Weihong Intelligent Series Laser Cutting Head ▼
>>> New iterative upgrade of original products
>>> Close-loop measurement of focus position, LED digital display
>>> Developed a variety of special tube cutting laser cutting heads for the diverse needs of different tube materials
>>> Through the interactive fusion of software and hardware, continue to improve the intelligence of the laser cutting head
  WISE Servo Driver  

▼ Weizhi drive integrated four-in-one servo driver ▼

Wisconsin drive integrated four-in-one servo driver integrates Ronda controller and driver, with better synchronization between multiple axes, compact structure, reduced wiring, stronger reliability and simpler operation.
▼ WISE linear actuators ▼
WISE linear servo driver supports linear motor and DD motor; hardware is stable and reliable, supports serial communication and ABZ encoder; supports high-speed industrial bus, greatly saves wiring time; position detection supports with and without Hall sensors; seamless It is more convenient to connect with Weihong system.
  Weihong Industrial IoT Solution  
▼ NcCloud Weihong Cloud: Cooperative Development of Smart Interconnection ▼
>>>  Smart Factory Cloud Platform + Manufacturing Collaboration Platform
>>>  Provide smart factory functions and innovative industrial Internet collaborative applications through web pages and WeChat
▼ xFactory Smart Factory: Scientific Management Intelligent Decision ▼
>>>  Advanced and practical intelligent factory management system
>>>  A great tool for equipment connection and fleet management
Smart production line, smart factory
From advanced core products
To intelligent solutions
Weihong continues to strengthen its advantages
Practicing “Chinese Intelligent Manufacturing” in the field of motion control
March 20-22
Shanghai New International Expo Centre
W2 Building 2370
Weihong shares invite you to learn