3.15 International Consumer Rights Day, Weihong will be your “counterfeit” defender!

“The world is full of benefits and the world is full of benefits”, and the “fancy” piracy of Weihong products in the CNC industry is also common.

Hanging sheep’s head to sell dog meat
When dealing with after-sales problems, we found that many users use the so-called “Weihong Card” which is not produced by Weihong. It is understood that customers bought it on a shopping website online.

Heixin sells second-hand “swing pot” Hangxiajia.
Of course, there are also Weihong products. When the seller purchases from Weihong, the final payment is not paid, and it takes a certain amount of time to encrypt it.
Consumers bought back fake products with blue screens, black screens, and what viruses later. They spent a lot of time on the machine tools they bought, and they spent more energy and money on repairs.


These have caused losses to consumers while infringing on the legitimate rights and interests of Weihong shares.

The crime of copyright infringement (Article 217 of the Criminal Law) refers to the purpose of making profits, copying and distributing works such as text, audiovisual, computer software, etc. without the permission of the copyright owner, publishing books with exclusive copyrights owned by others, and copying without the permission of the producer Distributing the audio-visual products produced by them, producing and publishing art works that impersonate the signatures of others, the amount of illegal income is large or there are other serious circumstances.

Sentencing standards: Natural persons who commit the crime shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment or detention of less than three years and imposed a single fine; if the amount of illegal income is huge or there are other particularly serious circumstances, they shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of three years to seven years and fine .

Although pirated editions bring you joy at a low price when you buy them, the subsequent use is more of a bad experience.

The price of genuine products is higher, but the value provided can not be compared with fakes, and you will really feel the value of buying!

Why must we buy genuine?
Simpler operation and easier commissioning.
Complete set of EMC tests. Low
failure rate. More stable use
. Stronger adaptability.
No installation errors.
Strong R & D team support.
Continuous performance improvement.
More learning resources to
help make full use of equipment.
Professional training can be provided quickly
. 7 * 24-hour service
Setting up offices in multiple places is
convenient to solve the problem in a timely manner

Then the problem comes, and the network world is disturbing one after another. How to identify genuine Weihong products?

Take the motion control card as an example

The Weihong control card has a model printed in a uniform font on the front and a product number on the label on the back.

You can check it in Weihong Public Account Customer Service- Product Inquiry .

In fact, there is the easiest way. Weihong currently adopts a direct sales method in China. All Weihong products purchased online are not genuine . Weihong does not provide technical support for pirated products, such as secondary development and after-sales service. Once found, Weihong shares have the right to confiscate …

Warm reminder:
Welcome everyone to continue to pay attention to Weihong shares. Let everyone know!