New product release 丨 Weihong NK210T turning control system, precise control, efficient processing!

Weihong system is new! !! !!
Recent news about Huawei’s “siege” and “anti-siege” frequently bombarded our sights. Let us witness the stubbornness of “China’s intelligent manufacturing” again and again. It can be said that the ability of continuous innovation is a fundamental force for the development and growth of an enterprise. As a well-known brand in the CNC industry, Weihong insists on continuous innovation and has developed a turning control system for the turning industry …
Weihong NK210T turning control system supports high-speed machining of a variety of threads, including multi-head threads, tapered threads, end threads, variable pitch threads, etc .; and turning machining of various bushing parts. The processed parts have high accuracy, high speed, and turned surfaces. The finish is good.
After the 2019 Shenzhen International Machinery Manufacturing Industry Exhibition, Weihong NK210T turning control system shines again at the 16th China International Machine Tool Fair (CIMT2019)! Many partners say they have n’t seen enough, and look down ~
First, the package plan
Weihong conducts professional R & D design and can currently provide overall solutions for the turning industry. The package is as follows:
Weihong NK210T turning control system has its inherent advantages and characteristics compared with systems commonly used in the market :
1.Bus control scheme: automatic tuning, load monitoring, etc.
2. Convenient user double encryption: the system drives double encryption to protect the rights and interests of customers;
3. Axis-controlled servo turret: Axis-controlled tool change, convenient debugging, stable and efficient;
4. Filled wizard processing: simple CAM, fast programming, efficient processing;
5. Friendly human-machine interface: software interface style can be customized (Taiwan, Japanese);
6. Wei Hongyun intelligent management: machine tool processing, production management, etc., one hand control.
Two strong in one
1.Load monitoring / automatic tuning / one-key backup
The system can monitor the axial and spindle load in real time, can determine whether the machine tool is in normal running state, or use this auxiliary to determine the machine’s assembly situation; the system automatically adjusts the machine, infers the load inertia ratio of each axis, and sets the optimal parameters; The servo parameters are backed up and imported by one click, which is convenient for the batch equipment of the machine.
2. Weihong Cloud Intelligent Production Management
Weihong Cloud is divided into web version and WeChat version. WeChat version monitors and checks the status of machine tools anytime, anywhere.
3. Friendly man-machine interface
Can customize the common software operation interface on the market, which is convenient for users to get started; DIY software interface can be customized to belong to your exclusive interface.
4.Double encryption
Adopt double encryption technology of control system and drive motor to protect customers’ rights and interests to the greatest extent.
Strong in one, powerful one level higher!
Weihong has been developing the CNC system for nearly 20 years. Its products are widely used in metal milling, 3c mobile phone glass, laser cutting, wood carving, water cutting and other industries and occupy the market high ground.
Metal turning, professional production, intelligent management.
Metal turning, professional production, intelligent management.
Metal turning, we have a complete solution
Metal turning, we are professional!
Metal turning, we are serious!
Weihong NK210T turning control system
Precise control, efficient machining, and optimal turning applications!