Mother’s Day Special 丨 “Please don’t wish me Happy Mother’s Day!”

Kaifeng from the south, blowing his salary. Mother’s holy, I am nothing. ——The Book of Songs · Feng Feng · Kai Feng

” Mom, we may have to work overtime tomorrow …”
35 years old, male, mother 61 years old
“Mom, there is something wrong with our factory today, we may have to work overtime tomorrow …”
Originally planned this It was helpless to take his wife and children back to see his mother, Liu Gong, on the weekend. The factory machine suddenly broke down, and now the manufacturer can only come over tomorrow.
As Liu Gong checked the machine, he remembered that he had less and less energy on his mother over the years.
The 35-year-old himself has to pay back more than 5,000 credit cards a month, the mortgage is close to 6,000, and the children go to kindergarten. Every month, if they do n’t eat or drink, they have fixed expenses of 14,000. money. Smiling forever in front of others, I feel that I have carried the world of my family on my shoulders, but I have less and less time to see my mother.
Qingming took his wife and children to a spring outing, and went to a friend’s wedding on May 1st, but it was too late for Mother’s Day, and there was no way to go back. The pressure of life always made her mother back.
Thinking, Liu Gong picked up his mobile phone: “Hey, is Weihong Zhang Gong? Yes, yes, we have a problem with our machine …”

② The

dare not to answer the phone changed from the boss to a kindergarten teacher
33 years old, female, child 5 The
kindergarten teacher called again. Like the decree, I dare not answer. Who knows if his son was beaten or beaten …
Li Li from the university engineering department entered Weihong as soon as he graduated. With a tenacity and continuous accumulation of learning, the company successfully went public, and he also From ordinary interns to core employees.
As a working mother, Sister Li knew how difficult it was, and deeply felt that having children = finding a second full-time job for herself. Internet company’s 996? What kind of. Mom’s job is 0/24/7: from 0 to 24, 7 days a week.
Women reach middle age and live for everyone, struggling to survive themselves.
She has already assumed family responsibilities. The little girl in her heart may not completely retreat, nor may she be fully prepared, put on her armor, resist various pressures, and become a tough woman praised by everyone.
But still have to be strong, children, work, husband, parents, all kinds of hard work can not come one by one, but when I go back to see the baby’s smile at night, I feel that they are all worth it. When I went out this morning, my baby was crying: My mother lied to me, saying that I had to accompany me to the zoo every Sunday, and I had to work overtime … Well, I want to improve efficiency today, and try not to work overtime with my children on weekends.
Thinking that the phone was ringing again, Sister Li picked it up and said: “Hello, oh Liu Gong, so … okay, I’ll use Weihongyun remote assistance to see what’s wrong with you … Yes, the system was connected to the drive ’s micro port with a USB data cable. It was connected last time. Then start the Weihong Cloud Assistant and click on the remote assistance. What is the identification code and verification code? … Well, yes, yes, no problem. “It’s
good that I can accompany the child tomorrow.

③ I want to

31 years old, female, 3 months pregnant.
Feifei was pregnant for a year and a half, she was finally pregnant, and her family is especially looking forward to this child.
She has a strong temperament. At the age of 31, she was the director of Weihong Company and she was willing to ask for this child. How old is her husband?
I brush my teeth in the morning and want to vomit, and have breakfast and I want to vomit. The saddest thing is that I also want to vomit when I see my favorite Mala Tang … Looking at her like this, my husband is also very distressed.
But she still chooses to check in to work every day, and she never dares to relax. At present, the software platform she is participating in is fully promoting productization. Weihong’s new products will all adopt the new software platform. The conversion rate of old products based on the old software architecture has also reached about 50%. This is a brand-new CNC platform based on the plug-in architecture independently developed by the company in response to market demands. It has powerful secondary development functions and helps to improve the professionalism of the CNC system according to specific applications.
Working with a group of young and energetic colleagues every day makes her feel quiet and warm, but after all, she is not alone and she still has insufficient energy.
Either the pressure of life or the dream of Mars is not completely extinguished. In the future, she still has to bite the bullet and work hard.
Because she is going to be a mother.

The word “mother”, just thinking about it, is warm in my heart. The mother is the strongest, but the mother is the most vulnerable person in the world. She is afraid of losing everything.
A group of Taiwanese scholars who have become mothers published an article entitled “Please don’t wish me a happy Mother’s Day” on Mother’s Day. They wrote: If we can understand that most mothers are unhappy because of this status most of the time, and then further explore the reasons for this, maybe the mothers in the world will be happy to be understood and supported. .
With this article, I pay tribute to every mother.