I want to be NO.1 丨 live my own pattern

Life always gives people the power to draw wisdom and move on at special moments.

11 October 2019

In 2019, Weihong officially closed the ninth master’s day. During this period, there were regrets and gains, but it was more moved by persistent struggle.

Highlight moment, currently recognized

I’m no.1
again and again and
again? Or the Jedi fight back?
Countless rounds of battlefields
Walking under the Chaoyang and the stars Ca
n’t catch the last subway train, ranked 101st,
waited until there was time to eat, and found that the takeaway was too cold.
However, they still
and were very confident.
“I want to be NO.1”
“I am NO.1”

Give full play to your potential, bring changes to smart manufacturing services with ingenuity

, continue to improve, and move forward together

Togetherness improvement

Burning, fighting passion
gathering, team energy
Modern society needs the limits of individual combat skills, but also the team’s sincere cooperation.
Work hard, improve skills, continuously summarize experience, and improve product performance; In the severe market situation, we have the courage to innovate and forge ahead, based on the present and long-term planning; whether it is market sales, product research and development, production, etc. better service.

Weihong’s sales network covers key industrial regions across the country, and has established multiple service outlets. It adheres to the belief of “good faith, customer first” and provides high-quality, fast and efficient technical service support.

currently Weihong Shares Series CNC products have been widely used in mold manufacturing, metal cutting, turning, high-gloss metal processing, 3C glass precision machining, cutting furniture, wood carving, glass, stone processing, laser machining, water jet machining, etc. .

Stand firm and live out the pattern.

Fortunately, those who do say that they arrived on time may not have arrived on schedule. Instead, they did make surprise visits one after another. So, what should we do in the face of these helplessness?
 “Learning ability”, “reflection ability”, and “self-planning” are all topics worthy of in-depth discussion. Constantly enrich ourselves, not stick to the current situation, and continue to change the way of behavior and thinking with a development perspective, to bless the wonderful life of professional life.
 Dare to be yourself, to dare to express yourself, to constantly improve yourself, to stand firmly in this chaotic world, to live your own situation.