High responsiveness and long-term stability 丨 Weihong linear servo driver officially debuts in C position

Excellent performance and zero maintenance requirements
Simpler mechanical equipment
Higher accuracy
Greater torque output
Higher reliability
Less running noise
China Shunde (Lunjiao) International Woodworking Machinery Expo
WISE (Wisdom) linear servo drive
Formal C debut
First,  linear motor advantages:
The traditional “rotary motor + ball screw” feed transmission method cannot meet the higher requirements of ultra-high-speed cutting and ultra-precision machining in terms of feed speed, acceleration, and rapid positioning accuracy. Linear motor directly converts electrical energy into linear motion mechanical energy, which has the advantages of large starting thrust, high transmission rigidity, fast dynamic response, high positioning accuracy, and unlimited stroke length.
1.  High-speed response
The dynamic response performance of the entire closed-loop control system is greatly improved
2.  Accurate positioning
Improved positioning accuracy of machine tools through linear position detection feedback control
3.High  dynamic rigidity
Due to “direct drive”, the phenomenon of motion lag is avoided, and its transmission stiffness is also improved
4.  Short acceleration / deceleration process
Acceleration can reach 2 ~ 10g (g = 9.8m / s2), and the maximum acceleration of ball screw drive is 0.1 ~ 0.5g
5.  Unlimited stroke length
In-line linear motors on the guide rails can extend their stroke length indefinitely
6.High  transmission efficiency
Because there is no intermediate transmission link, the energy loss during mechanical friction is eliminated, and the transmission efficiency is greatly improved.
Weihong Co., Ltd. has developed the WSDA series linear servo drive after full practical testing .
Two,  WISE (Wei-Zhi) linear servo drive advantages
1. The  main advantage
Support linear motor, DD motor
2.  Stable and reliable, stable hardware
Inherits hardware stability that supports rotary motor servo drives
3.Encoder  , efficient support
Support serial communication incremental / absolute, A / B / Z and other encoders; support 24-bit high-precision encoder; support high-speed industrial bus
4.  Save wiring time and facilitate wiring
Eliminates the pulse type servo cable, more convenient wiring, and greatly saves wiring time
5.Position  detection, higher accuracy
Supports magnetic pole position detection with / without magnetic pole position signal (Hall sensor)
6.  Easy to use and memorize the position
Automatically learn motor power line phase sequence, magnetic pole sensor direction and phase offset
7.  seamless system Weihong
Seamless docking of Weihong system, more convenient to use
8.  WeChat public account registration, double protection
Manage the registration code through Weihong Cloud, and then register the driver with Ncstudio software
Of course
Powerful servo debugging software: iMotion
9.  Simple and intuitive interface
iMotion interface is simple and intuitive, easy to read and write parameters, save, monitor, measure and analyze
10.  Simple debugging
One-button automatic motor setting, simple and convenient debugging
11.Estimation of  magnetic pole position
Fast and accurate magnetic pole position estimation with small motor displacement
12.  Automatic tuning
Automatic tuning function makes control more stable
Weihong can provide customers with the best solutions in the field of motion control.
Including control system, linear motor, linear servo driver, magnetic grid / grating, Hall sensor integrated solution. So how to choose such a powerful linear servo driver?
Three,  WSDA linear servo model table
At present, WSDA series linear servo drives have been successfully used in mobile phone glass cutting, home improvement / ceramic glass cutting, laser precision cutting and other industries.