Happy Children’s Day 丨 Interpretation of Furniture “Smart Manufacturing” Unlimited Possibility

What does Children’s Day represent in your heart ?

Representing naivety? Worry-free? happy?

It also represents the energy and ability to continuously ask questions

The courage to face the conclusions found behind the problem

Dear friends wish you a happy 61

May your childlike heart fly and bravely chase your dreams

From June 6th to 9th, the 19th Chengdu International Furniture Industry Exhibition will be held simultaneously in Chengdu Century City New Convention and Exhibition Center and West China International Expo City.

Weihong will make a grand debut with the overall solution of the woodworking industry, and present intelligent and efficient furniture industry processing in booth 9B11 of Century City  .

Woodworking whole solution


  • Powerful software interface customization function, users can customize and modify according to requirements
  • Support domestic and foreign well-known brand splitting software
  • Support front and back communication
  • Unique dual-channel technology allows automatic labeling and material opening to be completed with one click, and continuous processing can be performed without stopping
  • Multi-tasking processing function, breaking the traditional operation mode and making the device more intelligent
Solid wood furniture

  • Provide complete sets of motion control solutions for the solid wood machinery industry
  • Provide professional DXF analysis solution according to process requirements, CAD drawing operation is simple and fast, eliminating tedious process programming steps
  • Parameters using a wizard interface, without introducing external machining path, using the side for intuitive
  • Support polar coordinate control scheme, combined with traditional Cartesian coordinate system supporting special fixtures can effectively solve
  • Traditional engraving machine tools are difficult to fix and cannot process irregular solid wood
  • Advanced LEP forward-looking adaptive algorithm for better surface and solid machining
  • Uses segmented loading technology to load larger files, while supporting power-off
  • Easy to use and support multiple CAM software formats
WSDA series Wei-Zhi drive

WSDA Wei-Zhi drive ,inherited WSDV series Wei-Zhi drive stable hardware features, with a new generation of motor power modules to optimize the PCB layout layout, to further improve product performance, better reliability, optimized connectors Type, which is more conducive to plugging and unplugging cables in the field.

  • Optimized inertia estimation algorithm, load inertia estimation is faster and more accurate
  • Added some algorithms, such as the second-order torque filter and the motor cogging torque compensation algorithm. The motor noise is lower and the speed control is more stable.
  • Optimized circuit design, shorter dynamic braking distance, that is, shorter moving distance after the driver alarms
  • Core device customization and overall quality improvement
  • Power module uses Mitsubishi sixth-generation IPM for higher reliability
  • Institutional, three-proof process upgrades, more resistant to harsh environments
  • With Weihong bus control system, no external brake signal required
  • Support double encryption of driver hardware and control system, fully protect the rights and interests of machinery manufacturers
  • Driver-side encoder cable interface changed to DB9 core interface, easier to plug and unplug and fix
  • MII communication interface changed from USB port to the currently more commonly used high-speed industrial bus interface RJ45, the communication is more stable and reliable, and it provides conditions for compatibility with other buses in the future

Weihong Cloud
Industrial Internet of Things overall solution

Wei Hongyun broke through the traditional machine tool production management, equipment management and after-sales service model in the form of an industrial platform.

New situation of manufacturing industry 

Management Service Data Machine connected to the Internet

Manufacturing upgrade, what are you waiting for?

Wei Hongyun

Get machine status and production status the first time

June 6-9, Weihong shares 

Chengdu Century City New Convention and Exhibition Center 
9B11  welcomes you!