Guangdong Woodworking Product Symposium Has Gained Fruitful Results

Along with the completion of Weihong’s 2017 Shunde (Lunjiao) International Woodworking Machinery Expo, as one of the annual series of exhibition activities, the Guangdong Woodworking Products Seminar was a complete success on December 17.
With the rapid development of the woodworking CNC industry, modern panel furniture and various types of furniture are produced using advanced production technology and equipment. Improving furniture production efficiency and precision of parts and components is the common goal of the majority of manufacturers in the woodworking industry. This seminar brought to you the Weihong star product-NK260 series.
The conference attracted the fierce registration of Guangdong woodworking industry representatives. In the end, Weihong invited 50 industry representatives to participate in the meeting. At the meeting, Mr. Tang, the woodworking product line, introduced the development profile of Weihong shares and the application cases of Weihong system in the woodworking industry to the participants. Mr. Yao from the product training department explained the NK260 series and talked with the participants. Communicate and discuss together. Participants said that this meeting provided a more intuitive and comprehensive understanding of Weihong’s current technological development.

Wood product line to you Mr.Tang development survey participants introduce Weihong shares of

product-specific training teacher introduced Yao Weihong system, NK260 and rich application case

industry representatives exchange for the woodworking industry

participants collective photo taken

Participants spoke highly of the woodworking product seminar and thought that the seminar promoted the exchange and learning of the woodworking industry and better understood the industry development trend. At the same time, this seminar enables everyone to learn more about Weihong and its products. For Weihong related products, the participants gave unanimous praise and showed strong cooperation intention!

Among them, our sales director Mr. Zhao Dongjing said: “We adhere to the market orientation, so we make products that are in demand in the market; we adhere to the product orientation, so we make the best products. The Guangdong Woodworking Product Seminar is our remote end customer We have been insisting on training and product demand collection, and thank local customers for their support! “In the

future, Weihong will hold more product seminars throughout the country, and relevant information will be released on Weihong’s official WeChat platform at that time. We hope that everyone will support us in the future and learn from you together!