Grinding, Innovation, and Gathering 丨 Dear, Wei Hongda People’s Day is what we love!

2019 Weihong Ninth Talent Festival
it has started!
it has started!
it has started!
Make control easy
Professional production, intelligent management
It is Weihong’s persistent pursuit
Improve product experience
Better serve customers
It is the original intention of Wei Hongda Festival
Wei Hong’s Ninth Talent Festival
The theme of “grinding, innovation, and cohesion”
On this hot summer day

From personal skills
To product quality

CNC professional grinding out, system quality welcomes customers.
As a well-known brand of CNC system, Weihong is committed to contributing to the revitalization and development of national CNC.
Fragrant from the bitter cold, sharpened growth. Facing the challenges of the current market, Weihongda people are not afraid of difficulties, study hard, improve their skills, constantly sharpen themselves, and make themselves stronger; they constantly sum up experiences, improve product performance, and make product applications take the next level.

Based on now
Long-term planning

But progress is also new.
Yesterday, 4G, digitalization, and robots were just familiar to people; in a blink of an eye, 5G, intelligence, and AI were surging.
To walk with the open era, we must have the courage to innovate, the continuous development of Weihong shares, and keep up with the times. In the severe market situation, Weihongda people adhere to the courage and mind of innovation, based on the present and long-term planning.

All in one

With one heart and one heart.
Only when technology advances can we be stable and far-reaching;
Internally, whether it is marketing services or product research and development, production, Weihongda people are united and united to unleash their potential; from outside, we are willing to build a win-win situation with colleagues in the industry.
 “Weihong is my first”

Broad view and appointment, thick accumulation and thin hair.
Intensive cultivation and ingenuity
Win-win together, take root in Weihong
It ’s strange to stay true to your heart
Weihong, I’m the first!
-2019 Weihong’s Ninth Talent Festival set sail-

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You and I have talked deeply, worked hard, I have adjusted the product, you have tried the system, and continue, in the future, you still have to remember to find me CNC systems such as panel, solid wood, stone, glass, metal, turning, laser cutting
——Weihong Siege Lion has something to say