Gaokao Special 丨 This battle is only for the next stop!

Time is in a hurry, it is another year of college entrance examination
Try your best to go to the ideal coordinates
If life is a doomed journey
Then the college entrance examination is the starting point of our journey
The more important the moment
The more calm and calm
Don’t be restless
The college entrance exam is coming

Relax and move
The fast is fast, the slow is slow
must remember
Speed ​​is in your hands!

Don’t be nervous or careless

Win in stability
must remember
The bumpiness along the way cannot be shaken!

Calm down and breathe deeply

Unbound, concentrate on college entrance examination
must remember
Keep your heart focused and free from outside interference!
In the blink of an eye, seven years have passed since my college entrance examination. At this time of the year, almost all relatives and friends have children in the college entrance examination. When it comes to the pressure and hard work of children, everyone can’t help but boast. But what I want to say today is, can you afford the efforts of the college entrance examination today?
Maybe you have suffered setbacks, maybe you have been deserted for a few years, maybe you have been physically and mentally exhausted, maybe you are at the bottom of your life, but when you are spending your time, you have to think about whether you can deal with those hard work Days, those days of reading the night.
In fact, no matter what your situation is, no one else can help you, your only strong backing is yourself. Go study, exercise, think of ways, solve current problems, and make yourself stronger, rather than blame yourself and wait.
In this noisy world where we can’t distinguish between the northeast and the southwest, we have been struggling with the college entrance examination. Be sure to hold it well, and we have to travel a long way tomorrow.
Maybe yin yang yang wrong
College entrance examination, not the end
I wish you all a dream
Do not forget that the first heart has gone through thousands of sails and will eventually be paid
Dreaming of horses is worthy of Shaohua
All your efforts will not be disappointed

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