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Weihong uses industrial communication and Internet technology to actively promote the integration of industrialization and informatization, complete the Internet of numerical control systems, and launch the Weihong Industrial Internet of Things solution . It is mainly composed of xFactory intelligent factory system, NcCloud Weihongyun industrial internet platform, and NcGateway data gateway .
xFactory Smart Factory: Scientifically Manage Intelligent Decisions
In the “private cloud” mode, Weihong can help users deploy servers to install the “xFactory Smart Factory” system in order to provide more professional equipment connection and fleet management functions.

NcCloud Weihong Cloud: Smart Internet Development

Weihong Cloud provides a smart factory cloud platform + manufacturing collaboration platform. Through the web version and WeChat version, it provides innovative industrial Internet collaborative applications.
For machine tool users , Weihong Cloud provides functions such as equipment monitoring, intelligent alarms, consumables monitoring, and equipment and personnel performance assessment, which can realize real-time monitoring of machine tool working conditions in production monitoring and improve machine efficiency.
For equipment manufacturers , Weihong Cloud can be used to implement remote equipment maintenance, operation teaching, online documentation, market analysis and other functions to better serve machine tool users.
For equipment leasers , the lease management function provides them with technical means to reduce operational risks and convenient tools for online settlement.
NcGateway Data Gateway: Data Acquisition Smart Interconnection
NcGateway data gateway is the CNC system function expansion software, which provides data acquisition and IP-based communication protocols for equipment, and is an enabling tool for equipment networking.
Free trial
Customers are welcome to apply for a one-year trial version of 5 units for free , which can be used in evaluation and exhibition deployment .
If necessary, please contact: 400-882-9188 ~
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