2019 China Construction Expo 丨 Weihong shares on-site analysis of the overall solution of the smart factory in the woodworking furniture industry

Professional quality in flexible production
July 8-12, 2019
The world’s largest building materials exhibition
China Construction Expo (Guangzhou)
Weihong shares with woodworking furniture industry
Smart factory overall solution unveiled
Canton Fair Complex Area B
11.1-25 Booth
Weihong Woodworking Furniture Industry Smart Factory Overall Solution
Weihong Co., Ltd. will perform on-site interpretation with the application of CNC systems such as panel furniture and solid wood furniture as the core, and interconnect with drives and other equipment, and Weihong xFactory intelligent factory system, so as to create advanced intelligent and flexible automated production lines for woodworking production enterprises.
Weihong plate type furniture industry machine tool control system

Weihong solid wood furniture industry machine tool control system
Wichita Multi-Axis Servo Drive

Wisdom drive multi-axis servo driver integrates Ronda controller and driver, with better synchronization between multi-axis, compact structure, reduced wiring, stronger reliability and higher quality, which greatly facilitates multi-axis CNC in woodworking Machine tool processing.
xFactory Intelligent Factory System
Advanced and practical intelligent factory management system for woodworking machine tools
A great tool for device connection and fleet management
Customers are welcome to apply for a one-year trial version of 5 units for free, which can be used in evaluation and exhibition deployment scenarios.
Cloud nesting service
New cloud nesting service launched
Powerful cloud computing
Greatly increase nesting speed
And material utilization
Effectively save plate furniture company costs
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Professional production, intelligent management
Weihong Woodworking Industry CNC Machine Tool Control System
Lighting up furniture production with leading technology
China (Guangzhou) Construction Expo 2019
July 8-12, 2019
Canton Fair Complex Area B 11.1-25
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