2018 International Furniture Fair 丨 Weihong shares the overall solution of the home improvement industry struck

China (Shanghai) International Furniture Fair
is about to start on September 10-13.
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Application of panel furniture industry

For panel furniture processing, Weihong has professional industry application software, which can provide flexible customized services; break the traditional operation mode, and make the equipment more intelligent.

  • 1. Functional modular design, more convenient to use;
  • 2. The unique dual-channel technology allows multi-tasking processing functions such as automatic labeling and material opening to be completed in one click, and continuous processing without stopping.

Application: Six-sided drill

  • 1. Plan the tool path, the jaws automatically avoid the drill;
  • 2. Accurate clamping at one time, and multiple clamping during processing;
  • 3. Support automatic knife selection.

Product: NC60A multi-process opening system

  • 1. New UI design, human-computer interaction is more friendly;
  • 2. Support multi-process, loading and unloading, tool change, multi-tasking production management, multi-station and other functions;
  • 3. Functional modular design, simple and convenient to use;
  • 4. Support spindle pre-start function to save processing time.

Product: NK260 / NK280B plate opening system

  • 1.Pulse or bus system, support multi-axis opening;
  • 2. Supports multiple processes, loading and unloading, automatic tool change, multiple stations, one-button tool setting, etc .;
  • 3. Support multi-task production management (program concatenation, one-click sequencing) function;
  • 4. Flexible secondary development function, simple and convenient configuration function.


Application of solid wood furniture industry

For solid wood furniture processing, Weihong provides professional CAM solutions according to process requirements, eliminating tedious process programming steps.

Application: Solid wood cutting machine

Software interface of solid wood opener

Weihong solid wood opener system comes with CAD and CAM functions, supports drawing graphics, supports direct import of DXF, and performs secondary editing, and can also directly export toolpath files for saving.

Application: Bilateral milling

Bilateral milling software interface

Weihong’s bilateral milling system supports drawing, which can be directly imported into DXF for secondary editing and analysis; the processing method can be bilateral or unilateral; and it supports multiple feeds in layers.

Application: Wooden door machine

Wooden door machine software interface

Weihong wooden door processing system supports handling holes, hinge grooves, door locks, etc., supports in-line tool magazines, etc .; it uses a wizard processing method and can be processed by setting relevant process parameters, which is simple and fast.

Stone processing industry applications

Weihong’s stone processing center system is used in the field of stone processing, processing all kinds of high-grade countertops, hand-washing countertops, kitchen cabinet panels, etc. In order to better realize the carving of cabinet artificial stone, quartz stone countertop and wash basin, European-style edging, and its independent drilling, sanding, beveling, and engraving, this requires the control system to provide on the premise of ensuring processing efficiency. Good processing effect. In order to meet this demand of the market, Weihong launched targeted stone processing center software.


  1. Set CNC, CAM support cutting, grinding, carving in one CNC control system, can process basin holes, front water retaining, rear water retaining, outer contour, independent openings and other types;
  2. Human-computer interaction is easy to learn and personnel training costs are low.


WISE Wisdom Servo

WISE bus servo driver is standard in various motion control occasions. After all, high-resolution instructions are counted on it. WISE servo driver covers servo motors with a power of 0.1kW ~ 3.0kW.

The WSDA series Weizhi driver displayed this time has inherited the stable hardware characteristics of the WSDV series Weizhi driver. It adopts a new generation of motor power modules to optimize PCB layout and layout. The product performance is further improved, the reliability is better, and the connector type is optimized. It is more conducive to plugging and unplugging cables on site.

Connecting the Industrial Internet of Things

How to integrate digital technology into the home improvement industry and use data to drive production. Through the Weihong Cloud Industrial Internet of Things, Weihong 2018 International Woodworking Show will focus on the application of the CNC system as the core and interconnect with drivers and other equipment. The construction of information on the Internet makes intelligent and efficient production a reality.

Weihong system has been fully connected to Weihong Cloud Industrial Internet of Things, mainly including

  • Wisdom base system at the plant 1. LAN deployments Weihong cloud group control
  • 2.Technical support system for smart factories and equipment vendors of public cloud services Weihong cloud services

Weihong Cloud Group Control

Weihong cloud group control system is a networked management system of numerical control equipment based on advanced Internet of Things technology. It can collect the processing information of numerical control equipment in a comprehensive and real-time manner, centrally manage program files, and batch operation task distribution and equipment start and stop. It is a “smart factory” basic management platform that integrates data collection, real-time monitoring, fault early warning, and operation analysis.

Weihong Cloud Service

Device monitoring

online documentation

Weihong Cloud Service uses the public cloud to provide basic group control functions when the device is connected to the Internet. It can be superimposed with more Internet applications to support more innovative application scenarios. It can be used in production management, lease management, and equipment maintenance. And after-sales service.

The 42nd China (Shanghai) International Furniture Fair
September 10, 2018 – September 13th
National Convention and Exhibition Center – Shanghai Hongqiao
Booth: Hall 8.1 -C21
Shanghai Song Ze Avenue, 333
pavilion period
September 10 – 13th: 09: 30-18: 00