Brand Expo | Deeply cultivating brand development and sticking to the original intention of service

Weihong was invited to participate in the first China Yangtze River Delta (Shanghai) Brand Expo. With the theme of “Brand · City · Life”, the Expo will be held at the Shanghai Exhibition Center from April 28th to 30th, 2018. As an outstanding brand of “China’s smart manufacturing” in the motion control industry, Weihong’s participation in this exhibition will be fully Demonstrate the influence of national brands.

Weihong specializes in the research, development, sales and service of motion control systems. Based on industrial automation control technology with independent intellectual property rights, Weihong quickly provides customers with personalized solutions. On April 19, 2016, Weihong successfully listed on the stock market, achieving leapfrog development. Today, the Weihong brand has grown into an outstanding brand of “China’s intelligent manufacturing” in the motion control industry, which is inseparable from Weihong’s adherence to “deep cultivation of brand development and adherence to the original intention of service”.

Strictly abide by the spirit of artisans and make the motion control system to the extreme.
1 Always adhere to the main business.
Based on the engraving machine motion control system , Weihong’s R & D and innovation in the field of motion control has helped the domestic engraving machine industry to start and take off. Today, Weihong’s “engraving machine motion control system” and “cutting machine motion control system” have been widely used in machining, mold manufacturing, metal cutting , 3C glass precision processing , panel furniture cutting, solid wood carving, advertising production, laser Processing , water jet processing , glass stone processing and many other industries, and occupy the market highlands.


2 Strict quality control system
Products with excellent performance are inseparable from Weihong’s strict quality control system. In the whole process of system design, manufacturing and testing, Weihong strictly implemented the ISO9001 standard, and the division of labor in the assembly line operation was clear. Lectures on quality management were held every year, so that every employee of Weihong shares the quality management system. Keep the essence in mind and use it flexibly to ensure the ultimate product.


to maximize the products In response to the call of “Made in China 2025”, Weihong completed the construction of the Industrial Internet of Things based on the motion control system, and the Weihong Cloud platform was born. By remotely connecting the CNC system purchased by the customer to the CNC Internet of Things service platform, not only the data and status of the production process can be recorded in real time, but also the sensors and cameras on the CNC machine tool site can be used to complete remote monitoring of the machine tool without leaving home. Remote debugging, remote fault diagnosis, remote function expansion and upgrade, thereby improving customer service experience and reducing operating costs.


Independent intellectual property rights help “China’s intelligent manufacturing”
At present, Weihong has a number of core technologies with independent intellectual property rights in the field of industrial motion control. There are 42 computer software copyright registrations; 99 patent authorizations, including 59 invention patent authorizations, 16 utility model patent authorizations, and 24 design patent authorizations; another 38 patents are in the process of application acceptance.
These also prove the achievements of Weihong in the industrial automation industry, as well as the industry’s recognition and trust in the Weihong brand, products and solutions and services.

Zhizhen service promotes the development of the industry 1Professional and
timely service
In order to provide users with more professional and timely services, Weihong shares a lot of energy to open offices in key sales regions across the country, and equips them with comprehensive professional knowledge and rich practical experience. Technical service team.

2 Promote the benign development of the industry
Weihong has been actively promoting the benign development of the industry, striving to regulate the market and protect consumer rights. As a leading brand in the motion control industry, Weihong was invited to participate in the drafting of the “Smart Factory CNC Machine Tool Workshop Bus Protocol Standards”. The drafting of the “standards” will promote the advancement of China’s CNC system technology.

More than ten years of hardships and hardships have made Weihong today. In the current process of the overall industrial transformation of China’s manufacturing industry, Weihong has embarked on a new journey. Creating an excellent domestic motion control brand has become an important goal of Weihong. I believe Weihong will have a better tomorrow!

From April 28th to 30th at the Brand Expo, Weihong will be in Shanghai Exhibition Center (1000 Yan’an Middle Road, Shanghai), booth Z2-B6, and we look forward to your visit!