Weizhi servo driver 丨 God assist for laser cutting industry

Higher cutting speed, the more accurate the cutting accuracy
has been laser cutting equipment manufacturers dedicated pursuit
WeiHong shares provide complete solutions
in addition to the control system, the external laser cutting head
as well Wei-Zhi servo drive

according to the specific needs WeiHong shares
for customers Provide integrated professional
motion control solutions.

Option 1 (rotary)
motion control system, servo system, servo driver, servo motor, laser cutting head, etc.
Option two (linear)
motion control system, linear motor, linear driver, magnetic grid / grating, Hall sensor, laser cutting head, etc.

What is the effect of Weizhi servo in the laser cutting industry ?

The application of Wisdom Servo in plane cutting is faster cutting speed, higher average moving speed, shortening the movement time, and realizing high-speed and efficient movement control. How to choose the servo motor in the laser plane cutting field ? The selection of Weizhi servo driver refers to the application of Weizhi servo in the cutting of plate and tube integrated machine. ▲ The processing site, especially Weizhi bus servo driver, expects high-resolution instructions to help the cutting precision and quality. To make better use of the tube plate integrally apparatus servomotor size selection is important Wei-Zhi servo applications in the field of precision cutting ▲ processing site fast dynamic response, precise positioning, 2mm diameter or less precision cutting small round linear motor is used to achieve precision laser cutting The relevant specifications are as follows: Laser cutting industry Weihong has strong R & D capabilities and can provide customers with high value-added personalized technical support such as Weihong smart factory driver registration and other services.

First, seamless docking Weihong CNC system
On-line parameter setting, quicker debugging: seamlessly connect Weihong bus absolute value control system, and set driver parameters on the driver parameter page of NcEditor software
Second, online inertia identification, automatic tuning
The NcEditor system supports the software automatic tuning function, infers the inertia ratio of each axis online, and the software interface directly operates the servo parameters.
Third, high-speed bus + fine interpolation algorithm
High-speed bus technology, greatly improve the instruction accuracy. At the same time, the position command fine interpolation algorithm is adopted, which makes the arc processing smoother when laser processing, as shown below.
4. High-speed and high-precision linear servo drive
Support linear motor, torque motor, axial motor; support serial communication incremental / absolute, A / B / Z and other displacement sensors; set motor parameters in a wizard manner, support with / without magnetic pole position detection.
Five, powerful and practical driver debugging software imotion
Automatic identification of various types of servo drivers of Wisdom, online inertia identification, adaptive suppression of mechanical vibration, real-time waveform acquisition, parameter setting and other functions.

6. Driver registration function
Unique driver registration function, double guarantee, NcEditor software can directly enable this function.
Support mobile phone registration code management, pay attention to WeChat public account “WEIHONG Weihong shares”, “Weihong cloud”, etc. for driver registration.
In addition to showing their skills in the laser cutting industry, Weizhi servo drives are
also widely used in CNC machine tools such as
3C glass carving, metal carving and
water cutting of woodworking machinery .