Tribute to Mother’s Day 丨 Your efforts, she will see

As a child

Mother doing housework and decorating life

Set up a warm harbor for you

Your heart is full

They are all to you

You never thought

Your mother was also a little girl

Loved by being held in hand

Later she became stronger with you

It’s time to shelter you from wind and rain


When I grow up

We struggle

We yearn for a breakthrough

On the battlefield called life

We spread our blood and stir up youth


We are busy every day

On the road to growth

Have friends, have teachers

And the one behind you

Always guard your figure


These ones

All stem from our shared feelings about mothers

Like Weihong’s attachment to quality processing

Create a warm home

Building a harbour of love in memory

The familiar door

Delicate and moist marble floor

Old mahogany chair

Or maybe you ca n’t throw it away now

Laser engraving

Motion control system forwarded by Weihong

Awaken your simple memory and warmth to your motherly love

Sharing the taste and kindness of home



When the mother’s white hair gradually increased

We have an important mission

Switch roles between yourself and your parents


When we were young, it was our parents who took care of us

When we grow up, we should take care of them


We have to work

Speed ​​to make yourself successful

Faster than my parents’ age

You grow up with me, and I die with you



Mother’s Day (5.13) is coming

Don’t forget the Weihong people running around

Send mom a blessing

Happy Mothers’ Day!

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