Spring Festival 丨 The story of four ticket grabbers

       Looking forward, looking forward, the Spring Festival is here, and the pace of returning home is near. At this time, there are two more people in the world: one is a person who has grabbed a ticket to go home, and the other is a person who has not yet grabbed a ticket. …..

Story 1:
       Time: 13:30, January 2, 2019
       Location: Shenzhen, China
       Protagonist: @ 维宏 攻城 狮 小 A—— In order to chase the dream, I will not go home for three years during the Spring Festival.

 Little A lives in Shiyan, Hubei, and entered after graduation. Wei Hong came to the Shenzhen office after half a year of study and practice, and has recently been promoted to the team leader. His income and life are very good.
       Weihong takes Shanghai as the national marketing center, and has established 21 marketing service outlets throughout the country. For the convenience of work, Xiao A rents an apartment near the company, mainly to solve customer problems in the cities around the office. Despite the co-existence of work pressure and competition, Xiao A is still full of enthusiasm, constantly striving to solve problems for customers, and for the company and dreams. My girlfriend talked for several years, and it was closed every year. Maybe it’s time to settle down.
       This year, Xiao A made an appointment to grab a ticket without much hope, as usual, and planned to tell his family, “I’m busy this year, I won’t go home for Chinese New Year.” “OK” is no longer convincing. However, I did not expect to stand out from the crowd this year, and actually won the ticket.

       Story 2:       Time: 13:30, January 2, 2019        Location: Shanghai, China        Protagonist: @ 维宏 攻城 狮 小 B——The heroic dream of a girl’s tired life       “WSDA series of linear servo drives …” just finished The small B of the conference is engaged in hardware development. Weihong’s servo drives are responsible for them. Recently, she has been promoted to project manager.        “Om ~” Listening to the vibration of the phone, she realized that the software had helped grab the tickets for the Spring Festival return home. However, she began to struggle: Should the ticket be refunded?        Recently, my parents have been attacking her side by side to let her resign early to go home. I think the girl is safe. Years ago, she said that she found a good family with a car and a house at home.

       For three years, she worked more than 40 hours of overtime per week on average. When she walked out of the office building in the middle of the night, she would feel extremely exhausted, but looking at the lights outside, she had a lot of hopes, and she hoped to settle in her home in Modu with her own efforts.
       I just heard the manager say that he can apply for “Employee Purchase Loan” from the company.

      Story 3:
       Time: 13:30, January 2, 2019
       Location: Changsha, China
       Protagonist: @ 维宏 程序 动物 小 C——Escape from Beijing , Guangzhou, and Changsha, after developing

       a few lines of code on the computer, Xiao C rubbed it his neck, heard his cell phone alarm, and quickly picked up operation ……
       small C grab the ticket immediately send a message to his girlfriend: “! wow I actually help you grab a ticket!”
       small C Changsha, university I read in Shanghai. Little C graduated from IT graduate school originally thought that graduated from a prestigious school. Skilled himself must be able to make a fortune in Shanghai, but he did not expect the face to come so fast.
       The first job enrolled in a certain company as a technical management trainee, originally from a full letter, but later found that the rotation time is long, and the internal relationships of employees are too complicated. Little C gradually felt tired and resigned.
       With the previous “frustration”, chose a small C start-up companies, and initially entrusted with responsibility for the leadership they have been excited, but gradually found that this wage does not meet their living requirements ……
       accidents among heard, Weihong has a research center in Changsha, mainly engaged in the research and development of the PNOENIX architecture. After more than half a year’s work, he fully affirmed that his choice was correct.
       He is working hard in another country, and commutes to the subway like a sardine every day. He is already checking the BUG freely. He still needs to work hard, but he is also at ease.

Story four:
       Time: 8:30, January 2, 2019
       Location: Istanbul, Turkey
       Protagonist: @ 维宏 攻城 狮 小 D——Exotic journey, though bitter and sweet

       Yesterday, I made an appointment with the customer to visit at 10 am this morning, I just walked out of the hotel, I received the message from my colleague, “Tickets have been grabbed …”
       It has been half a month since going abroad, and the progress is relatively smooth. The customer is also very satisfied with the Weihong system, and the subsequent cooperation matters have been delayed. Xiao D sent his information to his domestic colleagues for help early.
       There is no easy word in the adult world. Ordinary people like you and me, each have their own unspeakable sadness. At the beginning of visiting the customer D, he also encountered a lot of troubles, even being stolen and stolen. Sometimes the troubleshooting is long, and the customer needs to work overtime.
       Sometimes there is a difficult road to go, but no matter what the situation is , Can not extinguish the desire for the future in Little D’s heart, continue to fight and fight.
       Now Weihong shares overseas markets into an important strategic position, and related products have gradually attracted the attention and favor of foreign customers. Currently, it has dozens of agents in India, Vietnam, Russia and other places.

       They all worked together at Weihong and they all got tickets. The difference is that some people stay there and some return, but they are all happy about their decisions. Life is difficult, but brave people never say no. For the rest of our lives, let’s go all out together, overcome the thorns and become our own hero of the world!