New product release 丨 Weihong automatic CNC pipe bending machine control system, how do you want to bend?

New on Weihong system! !! !!
NC pipe bender is mainly used in electric power construction, public railway construction, pipeline laying and repairing of boilers, bridges, ships, furniture, decoration, etc. It has the advantages of multiple functions, reasonable structure and simple operation.
This week we will focus on the Weihong fully automatic CNC pipe bender control system
Weihong system provides CNC automatic tube bending machine control system solution. Adopting high-performance industrial control computer, beautiful and concise software interface, combined with bus servo and high-resolution motor, can greatly meet customers’ diverse and complex processing requirements. Support 1 ~ 16 axis servo system, can realize remote production monitoring.
Pipe bending machine processing details, welcome to watch

In order to better meet the needs of the pipe bender industry, after a lot of market research, Weihong conducts professional R & D and design, and through high-intensity pressure testing, it can currently provide an overall solution for pipe benders with the following characteristics:
1.Support XYZ space coordinate programming
It supports the editing mode of directly inputting XYZ space coordinates, which is convenient for users to directly program according to drawings. Flat design, convenient and fast programming operation.
2. Save time and peace of mind, support curved pipe simulation
According to the processing file and related parameters, you can view the simulated graphics of the bent pipe fittings. You can check whether the programming is wrong according to the simulated pipe fitting shapes.
3. Intuitive and convenient, action simulation
According to the processing file, the system can customize the function of simulating the pipe bending of the machine tool, and it is convenient and fast to check whether there is machine tool interference according to the pipe bending simulation.
4. Flexible selection, 9 kinds of processing
Weihong system supports 9 processing methods, which can be flexibly selected by the user during programming to realize different pipe processing; among them, two pushing modes are supported: plane pushing and spiral pushing.
5. Keep exploring more exciting
Provide abundant log information for future maintenance;
Provide real-time monitoring on the mobile terminal to facilitate remote monitoring;
Assist in intelligent production management to facilitate processing statistics;
Double encryption of Ronda and driver, to ensure security;
Provide multi-language switching function to facilitate cross-national communication;
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