“Gold” sharp processing 丨 Weihong shares with you at CIMT 2019

Focusing on the user application service field,
deeply cultivating the user’s production process needs and
providing users with customized product solutions
April 15-20, Weihong shares at
CIMT 2019 E1-B423 to
provide you with better products and services

Weihong Co., Ltd. uses metal engraving and milling, metal turning, laser cutting, 3C and other application products as its main carrier to show the application results of motion control intelligent manufacturing solutions.

Metal carving

Weihong system has excellent applications in precision engraving machines, CNC milling machines, drilling and tapping machines, etc., and provides customers with customized and personalized motion control solutions.

In addition to the Weihong system used in machining centers

Also mainly used for engraving and milling machines

Drilling and tapping centers, grinders, etc.

More brand new

Weihong Full Automatic CNC Pipe Bending Machine Control System

Excellent performance, using industrial-grade computer, dual-core CPU

Support pipe fitting simulation and pipe bending simulation

Convenient and quick editing operations

Program editing mode supporting XYZ space coordinates
Metal turning

Weihong lathe control system is applied in the fields of precision inclined lathe, precision lathe, lathe-milling compound, and centering machine.

Supports high-speed machining of multiple threads

And bushing parts


Supports multiple thread processing



Multi-thread, taper thread, face thread, variable pitch thread, etc.

Supports multiple thread processing



Processed parts with high accuracy, fast speed, and good surface finish

laser cutting


NcEditor V12 laser cutting control system supports multiple sorting strategies, integrates nesting module, and improves comprehensive cutting efficiency; tube cutting supports import of iges files, two-dimensional editing, three-dimensional display, easy operation; follow-up 3.0, higher responsiveness; optimized motion Control algorithm to further improve cutting accuracy.

As a complete solution provider for fiber cutting applications

In addition to the CNC system

Weihong Intelligent Laser Cutting Head

New iterative upgrade


Closed-loop measurement of focus position, LED digital display

For the diverse needs of different pipes

Developed a variety of dedicated tube cutting laser cutting heads

Interactive fusion of software and hardware

Continue to improve the intelligence of the laser cutting head


Weihong control system has multi-axis, multi-channel and other platform solutions, and has a high market share in the computer, communications, and consumer electronics industries.


3C touch screen: glass touch screen processing in the mobile phone communications industry, such as glass processing such as edging, slotting, opening, chamfering, etc .; acrylic accessories processing.

3C hardware: high-gloss processing of consumer electronics, mainly for the processing of planes, side walls, chamfers and curved surfaces of soft materials such as aluminum alloys and copper alloys.

Application in the above industries

Equipped with WISE servo driver

Connected to Weihong Industrial Internet of Things

Strongly integrated, stronger one level

WISE (Wisdom Servo Drive)
WISE servo driver covers 0.1kW-3kW servo motor, which can realize precise position control, speed control and torque control.
WISE linear servo driver supports linear motor and DD motor; hardware is stable and reliable, supports serial communication and ABZ encoder; supports high-speed industrial bus, greatly saves wiring time; position detection supports with and without Hall sensors; seamless It is more convenient to connect with Weihong system.
Weihong Industrial Internet of Things
What kind of sparks will occur when the traditional industrial industry is 邂逅 邂逅 cutting-edge technology?

NcCloud Weihong cloud: smart interconnection, coordinated development

Smart factory cloud platform + manufacturing collaboration platform

Available via web and WeChat

Smart factory functions and the Industrial Internet

Collaborative application

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xFactory Smart Factory: Scientific Management Intelligent Decision

Advanced and practical smart factory management system
equipment connection, fleet management tools
welcome on-site experience
A cross-border “good show” between hard-core technology and traditional industries.
More comprehensive technical strength, complete and efficient processing solutions.
More exciting.
CIMT 2019 E1-B423