Driven by Dazhi 丨 Weizhi has “mine” in servo driver

In the context of industrial automation, high-performance, multi-functional, integrated products have become the current market trend. In order to meet customers’ needs for overall solutions, Weihong CNC products cover all aspects from servo drives, CNC systems, process software to accessories.
With the continuous deepening of the application field, the family of Wisdom servo drives has also gradually grown and expanded, and each member has his own skills.
Currently widely used in the market are Weizhi WSDA series bus servo driver, Weizhi linear servo driver, and Langdao multi-axis servo driver.
First, Weizhi WSDA series bus servo driver
Weizhi WSDA series bus driver has been newly upgraded on the basis of WSDV series, which has greatly improved the overall performance of the product. At present, the servo motor covering the power of 0.1kW ~ 3.0kW can realize accurate position control, speed control and torque control.
1. High-resolution instruction, higher synchronization between axes 
The combination of the precise interpolation algorithm and Yaskawa’s high-speed bus communication technology greatly improves the command pulse resolution, which can be used for processing scenarios with higher accuracy requirements.
2. Reduce wiring, no need to install origin and limit switch 
Adopt real-time high-speed industrial bus communication technology, serial connection between drivers, more convenient and economical wiring; with absolute encoder, no need to return to the mechanical origin after restart; cancel origin switch and limit switch, greatly reduce the failure point .
3. Optimized inertia estimation algorithm 
It can quickly and accurately match different mechanical loads; the imotion software can be used to automatically estimate the inertia ratio with one click; the internal algorithm is optimized, the speed curve is automatically planned, and the average value is obtained by multiple runs, the estimation result is more accurate.
4. Motor cogging torque compensation algorithm 
Automatically collect motor current data and perform current reverse compensation according to the actual running speed, which can reduce the cogging fluctuations of the motor by 20%, lower the motor running noise and smoother motion control.
5. Institutional and three-proof process upgrades 
The organization and the three-proof process are upgraded, and the harsh environment such as high temperature, humidity and dust is more resistant.
6. Optimized circuit design, shorter dynamic braking distance 
Optimized circuit design, built-in dynamic braking module, it can stop faster after the emergency stop alarm is triggered during machine tool movement. When moving up and down, the system can effectively decelerate when the system power is turned off, the servo is turned off, and an alarm occurs.
Wichi linear servo driver
Weizhi linear servo driver can realize precise position control, speed control and torque control, covering the power range of 0.1kW ~ 2.5kW, supporting bus and pulse control.
Weihong provides: a complete set of solutions for control systems, linear motors, linear drives, magnetic grids / gratings, and Hall sensors. At present, Wisdom linear servo drives have been successfully used in laser cutting, cell phone glass cutting, home improvement / ceramic glass cutting and other industries.
1.Support linear motor, torque motor, axial motor 
Adapted with / without iron core linear motor, torque motor, shaft motor, etc. Compared with traditional feed transmission methods, linear motors have the advantages of high reliability, low friction loss, high transmission rigidity, fast dynamic response, accurate positioning accuracy, and low operating noise.
2.Can be adapted to a variety of displacement sensors 
Supports serial communication incremental / absolute, A / B / Z equivalent displacement sensors.
3. Wizard-type setting of motor parameters to shorten commissioning time 
Set the encoder type, one-click motor parameters, and magnetic pole sensor in the setup wizard interface of the host computer software iMotion. The motor performs self-learning and automatically learns the motor phase sequence and magnetic pole sensor direction, which greatly shortens the motor debugging time.
4.Support with / without magnetic pole position detection 
When there is no magnetic pole position signal, the automatic magnetic pole detection function is used to detect the magnetic pole position of the linear motor and shorten the adjustment time.
5.Support servo hardware encryption 
Unique driver software registration function, support panel keys, NcStudio control software, iMotion software to register in three ways. Registration code generation and management are completed with a single click on the mobile phone.
The above is the current single-axis servo drive of Weihong Co., Ltd. If you need to use 4 axis or more drive, please look down.
Three, Long drive multi-axis servo driver
Weizhilang drive multi-axis servo driver, integrated 4 servo drives, support 18 universal outputs, 38 universal inputs, 1 group of analog output; also provide 1 host interface, 1 pulse spindle interface, 1 six-axis handwheel Interface, 1 expansion I / O interface, 1 bus expansion axis interface.
1. Improve product dynamic performance and save energy 
Using the shared DC bus technology, the motor feedback energy is reused, optimizing the dynamic performance of the product, improving the system power efficiency, and making the product more energy efficient.
2. Reasonable structural design, saving cabinet space 
The volume is reduced by 50%, the size of the electrical cabinet is greatly reduced, and limited space is saved, which is half of the volume of a normal 4 axis + controller.
3. Intelligent integration, one “core” multi-purpose 
The servo driver uses a single processor for calculation. All control loops of each axis are completely synchronized, and the synchronization between multiple axes is better.
4.Support bus expansion axis 
Supports MECHATROLINK expansion bus interface, suitable for multi-axis machine tool scenarios.
Industry applications
Weizhi servo drive is currently widely used in CNC machine tools such as woodworking machinery, 3C glass carving, metal carving and milling, water cutting and laser cutting.
The above is the Wisdom Servo family. If you need it, please call 400-882-9188 ~