Double 11 official announcement 丨 Weihong intelligent laser cutting head is on sale

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of view Weihong intelligent laser cutting head on the right

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You read that Weihong smart laser cutting head

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Weihong intelligent laser cutting head is a laser cutting head specially designed for users in the fiber laser cutting industry. It can be widely used in metal cutting and processing industries such as metal sheet and pipe cutting, knife template processing, and craft making.

  Functional effect  
So how about Weihong intelligent laser cutting head?

I. High-precision and flexible focusing
1. Support manual focusing within 2 kW and automatic focusing within 3 kW;
2. Centering and fine-tuning mechanism, more convenient to use, more accurate adjustment, and more stable position;
3. Focus position of manual cutting head Closed-loop monitoring and LCD digital display can achieve an efficient focusing experience and achieve precise process control.

Second, high reliability and high protection
1. Intelligent automatic focusing cutting head with protective lens detection, lens temperature detection, and automatic anti-condensation functions;
2. Fully sealed optical path design, multi-level seal to achieve more reliable protection performance, resistance Protected by IP54.

Third, high-efficiency software support
1. High cutting efficiency, optimized optical and runner matching design, with higher cutting efficiency;
2. Weihong laser cutting NcEditor V12 software and cutting hardware cooperate with each other, the processing technology is more accurate and stable.

  Weihong has a professional laboratory to provide customers with the best supporting solutions. 


▲ Weihong laser system connection diagram (bus type)

Wei Hong shares decades of experience in motion control systems to provide a total solution for the laser cutting industry, providing customers with a more intelligent, convenient and efficient laser cutting experience.