DMP 2019 丨 7G35 Weihong shares “gold”

We continue to explore the continuous development
of the CNC industry. Master the core technology to promote the innovation
of independent brands. Provide efficient overall solutions for customers engaged in various types of
metal cutting, metal forming, 3C applications and other


2019 Shenzhen DMP Greater Bay Area Industry Fair
November 26-29,
Weihong shares at the 7G35 booth , waiting for
your visit

Metal cutting solutions
Weihong will bring complete metal cutting solutions including lathe system, milling machine system and grinder system at this exhibition.

Metal Forming Solutions
Weihong offers complete metal forming solutions including laser cutting systems, laser cutting heads, handles, servo drives, etc.

Laser cutting system

LS series plane cutting software provides overall motion control solutions for the sheet metal cutting industry. This software includes a follow-up control system, laser cutting process, common layout functions and laser processing control.

TU series tube cutting software provides overall motion control solutions for the tube cutting industry, supports multiple types of tube types, such as truncation / opening / intersecting holes / vertical intersecting path guidance, and integrates high-precision motion control algorithms with control.

3C application solutions


WISE servo driver


Weihong Co., Ltd. is based on the xFactory intelligent factory system and provides overall solutions for the metal cutting industry that include visualization solutions, field data collection, and field integration networks, helping the metal industry to achieve networked, digital, and intelligent upgrades, helping customers reduce costs, Improve efficiency and enhance operational capabilities.