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Can provide complete sets of solutions for laser cutting equipment manufacturers,
including laser cutting control system
full range of laser cutting head
smart handles, servo drives,
etc. In recent years, Weihong has developed laser plane cutting software, laser bus pipe cutting control system, high power customization. control systems and other high-precision metal engraving and milling control system


2020 models BD500 CNC pipe bending machine

Weihong system
in a metal mold, carved
glasses engraving, dentures and other industry
has a good application
to provide customers with personalized
motion control solutions Solution

NK530M milling machine control system

Complete product system, perfect solution; applying the new generation HST algorithm, high-speed and high-quality processing; high-performance products compatible with various bus communications.
3C intelligent manufacturing

Multi Z multichannel products
multiple Z-axis (1-6) control, independent Z-axis
simultaneously processing a plurality of workpieces, to improve the yield of
different settings for each of the Z-axis to compensate
high efficiency while ensuring machining accuracy
can be support different models multi-channel, as
processing CNC channels + the automatic feeding channel
composed automated multichannel
each channel independently
by one device to
feature a plurality of different devices

WISE ( Wei-Zhi) servo drive

universal driver

WISE (dimension Wisdom) The servo driver
covers a
servo motor with a power of 0.1kW-3.0kW , which can realize precise
position control, speed control and torque control.

Weihong IoT Solution
– Weihong Intelligent Factory System Weihong Industrial IoT Solution for equipment users and enterprises Provide one-stop industry solutions for smart factories and provide remote service platforms for equipment manufacturers and leasers.It is mainly composed of three parts: NcCloud Weihong Cloud Industrial Internet Platform xFactory Intelligent Factory System NcGateway Data Gateway .

Handle-type all-in-one machine, panel-type all-in-one machine-
controlled all-in-one machine, motion control card …
Servo driver, industrial Internet of Things solution
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