“Best price” at the birthday, courtesy at the end of the text 丨 Weihong E1000 pipe bender system gives you a steady reliance

Weihong pipe bending machine system is equipped with pipe fitting simulation as standard. It supports 3D file import and simulated interference inspection . It can be widely used in 2-13 axis pipe bending machine processing , which is easier to use, more efficient and more powerful!

First, simple programming, manual and automatic are equally powerful

1. Support automatic import of 3D files, no programming required

Support IGS, STEP format files.

2.Standard fitting simulation

Quick and easy dialogless programming.
The standard fitting simulation allows you to program and check the fittings at any time.

Real-time data simulation, simulation interference check

Different from the way that most simulation modules on the market are separated from the CNC system: Weihong has built the simulation module into the CNC system, and can get the real-time status and position of the oil cylinder, cylinder and each axis.

Second, give you the extension you want

Real-time communication with measuring instrument and manipulator;
temperature and hydraulic system pressure monitoring can be realized.

Third, the overall solution of the pipe bending machine system

4. Intelligent Workshop for Pipe Processing
Weihong system has been fully connected to the Weihong Cloud Industrial Internet of Things, which can provide equipment users with one-stop industrial solutions for smart factories from pipe cutting to pipe bending, including production scheduling, intelligent monitoring, and remote maintenance.