Avenue to Jane 丨 Weihong Laser Bus System

Today, equipment manufacturers for the pursuit of efficient production is
highly efficient and stable, high yield and low consumption
is the same pursuit
and laser Weihong bus system
is that we can give you the best return on

higher interpolation precision, more stable and
simplified wiring electrical cabinets
This starts the high-efficiency laser cutting journey. Laser bus system   Weihong has a professional laboratory to provide customers with the best supporting plan for laser cutting.


▲ Supporting plan

High-performance industrial computer NC68A: Fanless industrial computer based on Intel Core I5 ​​multi-core processor design, with powerful computing and graphics processing capabilities, 4G memory; rich communication interfaces: network port * 2, USB3.0 * 4, RS232 * 2 , VGA or DVI display interface, can better achieve data collection and control.

First, the characteristics of the bus system 

1. Supports M2 bus servos of Yaskawa, Weizhi and other series, with higher interpolation accuracy and smoother operation;
2. Simplifies wiring of electrical cabinets, replacing traditional pulse-type tedious wiring;
3. Digital serial communication method, more resistant Interference ability

Stable and reliable hardware
with powerful and efficient software system
▲ LS3000 laser cutting system

1. friendly interface and
interface features re-layout, easy to use
2. Optimize the sorting algorithm
support grid common edge, C word common edge, the shortest path to other sorting strategies, air-way short, path optimization, saving material
3. Improve cutting accuracy
Optimize motion control algorithms, increase acceleration planning, and further improve cutting accuracy and acceleration

Second, follow-up 2.0 

1. Fast, high response
optimization internal algorithms, follow up the acceleration 2G
2. place shorter
significantly reduced processing time follower in place, the process smoother
3. The cutting edge is more stable
having a pre-determined function edges, cutting edge Stable and reliable
4. Improve abnormal capacitance suppression capability
For thin plates, especially deformed plates, cutting jitter is greatly reduced

5. Strong climbing ability, the
following height is 0.3mm, the slope of the plate is 10 °, and the climbing plate does not hit the board at 80m / min

3. Integrated Weihong Cloud Industrial Internet of Things 

Weihong laser cutting CNC system has fully integrated the “Weihong Cloud” industrial Internet of Things solution. Weihong CNC system manages the internal components such as drives and auxiliary equipment, and provides a variety of data interfaces to the outside. The “Weihong Cloud” service is more plug-and-play. Data-driven production helps the company’s intelligent upgrade!

New version of Weihong laser cutting system software will be unveiled at
Dongguan DMP 2018 Exhibition
time: November 27-30, 2018
Booth number: Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center 3E535